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Como lake with toddler and the chronicles of a fairytale wedding in Cernobbio

Once upon a time there was the King of Bergamo. Unlike many of traditional kings, this King was charming and particularly hard working and quite addicted to his quotidian chores, complex and intense M&A transactions in a leading investment bank. As the King spent nights and days mostly working and travelling, it took him a while to find his other half, a Queen to be complementary as well as equally charming, well educated and travelled. But eventually they met – more precisely at a King’s party which was almost too good to have a conversation. After some years of dating and geographical challenges, the King and the Queen decided it was time to formalize their get together, hence one fairytale wedding in Cernobbio and this article: Como lake with toddler.

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Our Como lake with toddler weekend started with cocktails, canapés and chill out live by sunset & swimming pool in Cernobbio. A gathering of friends, joyous and special. These are the recollections of mum & dad, as almost 2 years old R had his evening of fun in Argegno with the nanny friend, which spoilt him as usual and tucked him relatively early in bed.

The big day was Saturday and after the Church ceremony and icecream, the crowds headed to Villa d’Erba. Villa d’Erba is a majestic royal house/ little palace by the lake, surrounded by greens, with a dock and beautiful high ceilings.  For a toddler the magic quite overwhelming, ducks to be fed and quacked, stairs to go up and down or the lake, boats passing by,  manicured pretty bushes to play hide and seek, lights by the lake to be arranged and rearranged. Various grownups saying hello, far too many for a 20 months old. A delightful early evening, with picnic dinner with mum and dad by the lake. Grown-ups continued partying BIG with the King and the Queen, little people headed again with nanny friend again relatively early to bed.

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But the magic at Villa d’Erba continued until the wee hours, magnificent fireworks to tell the stars about our fairytales, bubbles and drinks, delicious food, one great live band. Such big was the joy that the King and the Queen partied very hard with all their friends, jumping, dancing, hugging and not sparing a drop of energy for hours!

fairytale wedding in Cernobbio fairytale wedding in Cernobbio

Amazingly enough,  more celebrations have been pencilled in on Sunday and even more amazingly the King, the Queen and their guests woke up after a marathon of partying in quite a decent shape. The lake and boats were awaiting 11:30 for all of us on a glittery lake, Cernobbio deck. Grownups and little people embarked on boat rides and for the next hours there will be palatial houses, charming villages and sparkling lake enchanting our eyes.Como lake with toddler Como lake with toddler

30 degrees in the middle of the lake feels out of this world, the breeze is divine and the water drops superb, especially when surrounded by friends on such joyous occasion. Raphael’s first boat ride ticked all the magic boxes, I am afraid that standards have been raised very high! After an hour and half of visual delights, we disembarked for another feast: Lido Bellagio brunch with more drinks, cool vibes, chill out party music and for some of us splashing in the crystal lake. The kids took joy in bubbles and fruity cocktails, the yummy food and thereafter the elevators, kitchen, sand and various Lido’s facilities. This is what a great Sunday brunch looks like, friends, music, sun and swimming ! Another boat ride back to Cernobbio resumed the magic weekend of celebrations.

Lido Bellagio brunchLido Bellagio brunch

A Como lake with toddler and fairytale wedding in Cernobbio weekend organised to perfection, of grand and joyous celebrations with friends and family. Long live the King and the Queen !

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