Travelling with a baby

Wanderlust, pregnancy & volunteering

Hello 2nd trimester! What better way to spend it than booking tickets to Australia and dedicate a couple of weeks to kangaroos and koalas?

That was my reasoning early 2013 and below some notes & pictures from my time spent at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Kangaroo Island.

February 2013. Took about 10 days to miss civilisation; this evening  just springing in mind for the first time as a perfect night out with a glass of bubbles, stargazing and talking small philosophy and/or non-senses. Magritte skies. Night gently falling over the eucalyptus trees and bushes and finally bringing some relief to this 36 degrees Celsius burning day.

In love with the kangaroos: Rufus and the kangaroo mums next to the fence, their little paws grabbing and hugging, their little tongues cleaning the wheat and the pellets from our hands.

Intrigued by the koalas: their sleepy days in funniest postures, their cuteness and huggable appearances versus the claws, their solitary nature and bizarre mating habits (strange groans and rape like rituals to be more specific !?!).

The wildlife at its best in here: the shy and lunatic wallabies with the exceptional cheeky guy playing hide & seek when it comes to the food storage rooms; quick goannas; possums sleeping all day and crunching salad at night; the slow and spiky echidnas, hiding their noses in the dust; the wild grey geese with their beautiful bright yellow marks; the cheerful magpies; graceful galas and colourful rosellas.

And/ or the most beautiful encounter swimming with wild dolphins for over an hour: playful, big, quick and graceful.

And whilst I am indulging on pictures, stars start to come out. Shy at first, slowly getting bigger and brighter. The Milky Way making an appearance, then galaxies and foggy constellations.  Night noises of the wildlife sanctuary delicate in the background: possums and wallabies munching, koalas groaning , the wild geese and little birds singing .

Good night fellow volunteers & good night my little ones!


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