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Merry Chrexit and a Happy New You

It’s been over 10 years since we don’t celebrate Christmas home or in any traditional sort of way.  We started in 2005 in Cuba and being spoilt with 7 years old rum, white beaches and amazing diving, we decided that’s the way to go.

In Havana we’ve been particularly spoilt at Christmas with a Buena Vista Social Club in Hotel National – one of the best Xmas presents to ourselves up to these days!

And technically since then we alternated though Xmas and NYE exotic places with a great track record. After Havana, there was Brazil, followed by a very hot Xmas on a safari in Kenya and a cold NYE ski filled in Kitzbuhel.

Thereafter Hawaii – Maui for Xmas, Oahu NYE.

Next year Miami, both Xmas and NYE – can’t think of a better place to change the decade.

Followed by Thailand – Koh Samui.

Afterwards Xmas in Guatemala and NYE in Mexico.

First babymoon in Bequia, West Indies both Christmas and NYE.

And once kids were around we kept on going and dragging them: Abu Dhabi.

And St Vincent – second babymoon.

But Chrexit by now is not only very fashionable but quite an established term.

So this year we decided to try something different. After all London should be very nice and relatively deserted judging by the amount of Chrexiters. We envisage for once a Xmas ad NYE rediscovering our own city. Same spirit though: no kitschy consumer fest but rather a break, this time round at home, challenging ourselves to travel differently and discover new within familiar. I will refuse to call it staycation rather some meaningful time with little ones, friends and oneself.

Merry Chrexit to You all and a Happy New Face – last part improvised by our 3 years old 😉

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