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Paris in March – 50 shades of grey, very literally

On the cover of few French magazines, slow life is the thing to do. Take your time. Re-balance. Hygge – the art of small pleasures, more popular than ever, apparently the 3rd term which made it in Collins dictionary last year  – right after Trumpist and Brexit. Hygge very needed I’d add in this context. And perhaps a long girls getaway weekend – Paris in March?

20170318_124626Last weekend has been very literally a 50 shades of grey weekend. Storm Stella messed up spring both London and Paris and from sunny 20 degrees on Wednesday, we abruptly got into very wet and grey.

Paris in March beautiful as ever though, we wandered around with the vaguest plan and agenda: shopped books, drank kirs, tasted sugarless very dark organic chocolate, stared at the 2 hours queue at the latest hype award winning French patisserie, had more champagne, a very late lunch in a cute brasserie with average French dishes, explored little streets, markets, mews and arcades.

Alternated between my old neighbourhood, 8eme in the evening and its posh chilled bolts, to vibrant streets of Les Marais and Montorgueil, to best boutiques in 6eme, more Rive Droite, aimed for Musee d’Orsay and ended up at le Bon Marche. Cocktails, long chats, banters and dancing late in the night. Lazy mornings, taking the time.

Slow life – le nouvel equilibre. Slow life – prenez votre temps! Londoners how do you feel about it?

PS: This article has been few days overdue. And I took my time as it felt right to think about how much I missed my little ones. Will it pass once I am back? Not quite! First trip ever without kids in 3.5 years, so was expecting it and it is officially confirmed. Any happy break should include the cheeky monkeys! For our tips on Paris with toddlers and kids, head here.


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