Sailing in Menorca with toddlers – Balearics like a local

Our second day in Menorca was a proper treat – sailing and snorkelling with my almost 4 years old and friends. And sailing in Menorca with toddlers and friends is the best way to discover this island magic coast and indulge into Balearics like a local. On weekend in Menorca you’ll see loads of families chilling on boats – sailing with babies even just few months old seems to be a favourite pass time in July and August heat.

Sailing in Menorca

Breakfast at leisure and then mid morning we’ve been picked by a friend of our friend. What better way to see the gorgeous south and explore electric blue waters and coves than sailing in Menorca?


We left the quiet beautiful Passeig de Mariners around 11am and sailed smoothly into Canal de Jordi.

The first 30 minutes of our ride were incredibly smooth and picturesque : Fortalesa de la Mola on one side, Castell de Sant Filip the other.


The fortress and the castle look glorious from the sea (my hair less, it was rather windy on this occassion of sailing in Menorca!).

weekend in Menorca

Menorca sailing

The sea looks deceivingly calm from the shore, but once out of the port, the wind and currents made a very fun bumpy and wobbly fast ride.

R was incredibly keen on speed at the beginning, but after few showers, he concluded he is better off either under a towel or in the inside cabin.


We stopped for our first swim by a gorgeous golf, crystal clear water and lots of other boats with families – Cala de Biniparratx, a little paradise for Menorca with toddlers.

Sailing in Menorca

Kids with ages ranging from as little as below 1, splashed and swam around boats alongside Mediterranean good looking parents. Sailing with babies even, hats off to the Balearics!

Sailing in Menorca with toddlers

We picked my Menorcan friend from an exquisite little harbour called Biniancolla.

Biniancolla harbour: sailing with babies

The locals swimming made some space for our boat – fun casual talking in my broken Spanish. We should be back in here for lunch – I’ve been instantly swept off my feet by the water and this charming spot. I’m also told the pizzeria in here – Baia is great.

Sailing in Menorca with kids and babies

We stopped for lunch on the boat in another magic golf by Binibeca – first another dip, thereafter lots of beer, delicious Spanish cheeses and jamons.

Sailing in Menorca with toddlers

I snorkelled with my almost 4 years old quite a bit, lots of exploring and fish. A spotted eel by the caves, baby fish nurseries, funny silvery and black bigger fish.

Snorkeling in Menorca

For R it’s been his first snorkelling in the sea – 6 months ago in Nevis he was not quite ready and in Procida recently he preferred to splash and jump in the big waves. London swim classes certainly helping, as he manages even 15secs under the water.

Sailing in Menorca

What a difference 6 months make with the kids – I am now truly fortunate to have a partner in crime for sailing in Menorca, dinners and snorkelling!

Balearics like a local

We concluded our sailing back to where we started – passed Punta Prima and back to Passeig de Mariners.

Balearics like a local: sailing in Menorca with kids and babiesMy friend and I had a fantastic wobbly ride in the front, R snoozed in the back and dreamed about fish. Luca is a fantastic captain and Menorca with toddlers by sea is sooo gorgeous – we will be back! For more must sees, more sailing in Menorca just grown ups and the perfect pied a terre for an adult getaway, head to our article on Casa Ladico. For a family holiday in Menorca in an autentic gorgeous agroturismo, head to our article on Llucmacanes Gran. For tips on the neighbouring stunning but so different Balearics, check our guide to buzzing Ibiza, beach bars and dining with kids.

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  1. Very jealous, the sea looked absolutely gorgeous!! I get so sea-sick and being disabled would make the boat difficult but the places themselves would be fantastic!!

  2. Such beautiful photos – you’ve made me want to book a holiday now 🙂

  3. This looks amazing! What a lovely way to spend a day. Love snorkelling too 🙂 x

  4. Wow. In love with Menorca. In laws have a place in Es Castell so know the island well. Went on 3 kayak excursions last year and one day hope to kayak all the way round. Looks like yoy had a great time.

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks so much fun! Lovely weather and I bet it was warm too. Sighs dreamily 🙂

  6. What a lovely adventure and glad you guys had fun, you look awesome in your swim suit, love the colour of it

  7. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful day out! It looks like it was lovely and warm as well! I don’t think I’ve ever been sailing, but it looks so much fun!

    • Thank you Emma, warmly recommending a couple of hours of sailing on smooth seas, so much fun! Indeed lovely and warm – it is Spain afterall, so there were over 30 degrees – perfect for sailing. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I would love to try a day on a boat. The sea looks amazing and the areas you visited looked really picturesque.
    (hubby helping out)

  9. This sounds just perfect, the views look amazing. What a fabulous holiday x

  10. I would love to do this with the fam. Sounds like an amazing experience.

  11. I’ve not taken my two properly sailing yet- but this looks wonderful. Such happy, carefree photos and of course also of Menorca.
    Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

  12. Wow, this looks like a wonderful day out. I would love to take my children sailing, we’re taking them canoeing today actually. Brilliant that your little one will go snorkelling with you, what a wonderful activity for you to do together. Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips.

    • I love canoeing as well, waiting for the 16 months old to get a bit more reasonable (hope dies last!) to take them as well! Thanks so much for stopping by and keep us posted on the canoeing adventures & fun!

  13. Wow how blue is the sea. What an experience to do together, very jealous!

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