Kew Gardens children’s activities. Glorious in every season.

Kew Gardens have been a favourite of mine for over 15 years – basically, since I moved to London. Founded in 1840, Kew hosts the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world. The gardens are gorgeous, vast and glorious in every season. One of our top 10 retreats within an hour of London, Kew gardens with kids or without has always with the added bonus of something fabulous on. And whilst grown ups can indulge into the nature therapy, Kew gardens children’s activities are plentiful!

Kew gardens in summer

Summers are perfect for picnics and chilling on blankets in the shade of majestic trees.

The treetop walkway is the perfect observation summer point and fun for mild adrenaline seekers with its perforated metal structure that flexes under feet and sways in the wind.

Springs are delightfully green with an eruptions of flowers and colours.

The Orchids festival has been preparing the spring arrival at Kew in the last couple of years.

Vibrant colours, exotic fragrances, some delicate and some stronger – quite an event for the dull coloured days English winters.

The fall at Kew Gardens is another treat and we just spent a glorious Saturday soaking in October colours and art spread around. Our 4 and 5 years old (our friends son) explored the deserts and the tropical jungles, we talked carnivorous plants, waterfalls and cactuses – some seriously exciting Kew Gardens children’s activities!


If it drizzles or rains, Kew glasshouses make perfect exploration grounds.

And favourite Kew Gardens children’s activities could not miss the indoors and outdoors playground – a hit with our kids since they were tiny babies!

Kew Palace is another favourite, in fall surrounded by pretty manicured areas, wild ones with bluebells, bambus house and more art.

And winter at Kew Gardens are wonderful lighted celebrations as joyous, sophisticated and arty as London gets. An abundance of wonders and Kew Gardens children’s activities, funfair included, Christmas market, elves and Santa appearances, always in our top Christmas activities in London.

For highlights of our past press evening head here. For more inspiration and Kew Gardens children’s activities, head to Kew Gardens dedicated secion – there’s always something fun and exciting!

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  1. Country Kids

  2. Looks like a lovely colourful place, a nice break from the city I’m sure! #countrykids

  3. Kew gardens is one place I’ve always wanted to go but never quite managed to get there, even though my brother lives nearby in Kingston. The Christmas lights look magical, maybe I can convince him to take us for a family trip this year to see them #countrykids

    • Absolutely you should! Lunches are aso great and easy with kids – lots of options around playground and the orangery with space for little ones to explore. And/or Xmas at Kew evenings are magic for the whole family. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’ve only ever visited Kew at Christmas. I really need to go back and do some more exploring #countrykids

  5. I’ve never been. Looks like there’s so much to see #countrykids

  6. Such beautiful photos and oh my how Kew Gardens have come on since I last visited. There were non of the “wow” statement pieces back then that I remember and stopping the kids running where they shouldn’t and picking a flower was always an issue. It looks such a family friendly place to visit now at any time of year.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Hehe Fiona, with me being such a garden addict, my boys are quite used by now to mostly smelling and talking about 😉 Sculpt at Kew was on until October 15th and the sculptures indeed were wow and fabulous. Pleasure to link in as usual!

  7. We’re sad to say that we’re yet to visit Kew Gardens but it looks amazing! Love all the colourful photos #CountryKids x

  8. In all the years I lived in London, I’m sorry to say I never made it Kew Gardens! Looks like you had a lovely day x #countrykids

  9. I have never been to Kew Gardens, but I have developed my appreciation for gardens after visiting the Missouri Botanical Garden earlier this year: Thanks for sharing your post!

    • Thank you Clem! Love your pics & colours of Missouri gardens and your outfit is gorgeous and goes so well! I am a lover (read addict) of gardens – blaming years of Chelsea flower shows and England ;). Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Kew Gardens is the best! I was there for work several years ago now and it was my favorite!

    • Work event must have been very nice at Kew, I am picturing cocktails and yum nibbles in stunning grounds? Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!

  11. There is always something lovely to see at Kew – we used to have the Friends of Kew annual pass but let it lapse a few years ago and I do miss going. I really must get organised enough to make the winter event this year. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  12. Kew Gardens look beautiful. I’ve never visited even though I worked in the area several years ago. It looks like there is plenty to see and enjoy in all seasons. #countrykids

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