Christmas in Maldives with kids

Christmas in Maldives with kids has been one of the best presents ever to myself, children and the other half. And for anyone who wonders – why do I choose regularly spending small fortunes on travelling with my very young kids? ; annoying fellow travellers on planes, taking babies out of their routines and sterilised equipment, convenience of home and known childcare? And why out of all destinations, did we decide for Maldives  – a typical honeymoon destination? As I wrote back then, we had 3 other couple friends spread around Maldives atolls! 2 enjoying the Maldivian bliss without the exhuberance of babies and one just like us, with their 5 years old. Here are 7 reasons why luxury Maldives holidays are truly bliss and make a perfect Christmas present.

1.Having turned 40 this year, I got to the conclusion that life is very short. Quite a cliche I know, but becoming very real when you do realise the first half of your life (and very likely better one…) is gone ! And this has one brave assumption, that my wish to get to 80s turns true! Maldives has been one of the most memorable holidays for us before kids and we kept dreaming and talking about going with the cheeky monkeys.

 luxury Maldives holidays

The very moment they stepped in the seaplane and on Banyan Tree Angsana Velavaru island, they loved it!

ANG 172

2. Maldives holidays are easy! 12 hours journey aside and thereafter another 45 min local flight, life is so easy thereafter. Kiddies and parents dont need much clothes and all parties can esily indulge in the beach just in front of the villa or private swimming pool in the back. Angsana Velavaru has the perfect set up – especially for the young kids like ours, the privacy of our lovely villa (own pool and stretch of the beach) is heaven!

3. Christmas in Maldives spares us from shopping sprees in busy malls and collecting toys and objects. I’d rather have my kids relaxed about their properties and embracing the ride and experiences!

4. Christmas in Maldives also gets us away from heavy long lunches and dinners – UK and Romania are masters of piling up the heavist and/or meaty dishes over a full week – December 24th – January 1st – a lethal dose for anyone who is not skiing 8 hours a day! We chose being in breakfast basis at Angsana Velavaru and works great for us. Happy hours 5-7pm over sunset at the beach bar translate into the most relaxed casual aperitivo and dinner with all of us.

It’s social and fun as well, we kept of cheering with other fellow parents and testing various cocktails. The kiddies play on the beach and at the bar, we get the sandiest pretend pizzas and salads! But kiddies pretend service aside, Angsana staff is superb, warm and going the extra mile for whatever one wants. So far we indulged into freshly caught fish (jacks), Maldivian fish curry, seafood noodles, nassi goreng. The kids are addicted to fish fingers, fries and crudites – the fish in here for them is freshly caught and yum.

5. As I think family time is the most precious and would not see myself celebrating Xmas or anything spiritual without my kids. They may be loud, strong willed and shouty (E at 20 months ticks all these boxes) or cheeky and permanent attention seeking (our 4 years old) but can’t see myself going anywhere for a week without.

Having said that , the kidsclub at Angsana Velavaru is a life saver though and Tini who is running it is fabulous. Our 4 years old would love to move in there – so I am doing my best to limit to 2.5 hours in the morning whilst we are diving or snorkelling and 1.5 hour in the afternoon. So all in all, Maldives with kids has been great for all parties!

6. For gorgeous pictures, videos and writing real travel stories on luxury Maldives holidays or simply Maldives with kids.


We are far from perfectly behaved kids or travel agent catalogues but love to keep pics and clips on blog and social media! No heavily filtered or edited pics but mostly genuine and autenthic family experiences !

7.As I’d like my kids to experience the sealife with the benefit of seeing it in the wild rather than books or London aquarium. I truly believe they will become better protectors and advocates once they saw and understood it.


And there’s no place like Maldives for diving, swimming or spotting dolphins, sharks, turtles, rays or corrals.

We’ve travelled extensively and wrote about diving with sharks and dolphins; but can’t find a better place for all of this! We met already 5 baby sharks by our shores, their mamma whilst I snorkelled by our reef and the cutest friendliest sting rays.

Happy December holiday all and lots of love from Maldives! For a dedicated article on Angsana Velavaru head here or for an amazing sunset cruise with dolphins, check our article in here

Disclosure: Thanks a million to Banyan Tree Angsana Velavaru wonderful hospitality and media rate for 1 week, a truly luxury Maldives holidays. All pics, overexcited kiddies and ecstatic impressions ours.



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  1. Yeeey! You rule! I can’ t hardly wait to return in Maldives👍😍 Merry and hot Christmas 🎅🌞

    • Merci Talida!!! Can’t recommend enough coming back to Maldives with kiddies! Ours fell in love as soon as we stepped on the seaplane in Male and thereafter on Angsana velavaru’s spendid island. Have a lovely Xmas, lots of kisses to the 3 of you and will see you on December 31st / early 2018!

  2. Definetly going to look at taking a trip to the Maldives in 2018

  3. The Maldives look like heaven and it looks like the perfect family holiday to me. One day we will definitely be visiting x

  4. This is my type of Christmas present

    • Precisely Leona! On this occassion I am mostly on the giving side – my other half birthday gift plus Xmas present for all of us! Angsana media rate has been though the best present for me 😉

  5. Wow! Looks like an incredible holiday – I wish someone would buy me a holiday to Maldives for Christmas but I suspect that’s a REAL long shot. I’m more likely to get a pair of gloves, I think. Shame!

    • Gloves are nice and handy, experiences even better 😉 fingers crossed ou get to buy yourself soon this kind of Xmas present ! On this occassion I have been also at the giving end for my other half – both his 42nd birthday and Christmas! X

  6. The Maldives does look like an idyllic place to go on holiday. The water is so clear! How did you cope with the flight and the kids? I totally agree with you about giving your family experiences over objects too.

    • Hi Mellissa, the water is indeed as gorgeous as it gets, crystal clear, warm and so abundant in corral and fish! We survived the flights esopecially that on the way back BA entertianment flight did not work – 11 hours to entertain the kids in the old fashion way 😉 Experiences, educational and transformational trips indeed is the way to go in my view and really worth the pain of flying with them long and having them jet lagged for a couple of days. X

  7. Wow – how amazing does that sea look. I would love to go, it looks and sounds fantastic 🙂

  8. I adore the Maldives and hubby and I have been there 3 times, twice with very small children and they have loved it as much as we have. Definitely travel with them, life does not stop for the grown ups!

    • Great to hear Sonia, please feel free to share in here on comments your posts and experiences! Also have a Maldives with kids Pinterest board, would be very handy to pin them in! It’s very easy to get addicted to Maldives 😉 x

  9. I don’t need seven reasons to convince me that the Maldives is a great place to spend Christmas, I’d be there in a heartbeat! The warmer weather, beautiful beach, I’m sold! Now if only I could afford it 😉

    • Fingers crossed you get to afford one soon! Few tricks which work well at our end: BA sale (now on until end of January), Amex and collecting BA miles, renting out our properties on Airbnb when we go on holidays and writing about and getting media rates;) Best of luck !

  10. I’d love to visit the Maldives, it looks beautiful and I’ve heard so many amazing things! We have our holidays booked for this year, but maybe next year! On another note, where is that swimsuit from? I love it!

    • Thank you Emma, keep us posted if you book hols on Maldives, would love to read your impressions! Dont laugh but I purchased 5 swimsuits for Maldives in a rush on Amazon begining of December – all of them turned to be fine and very good value for money so my initial plan to return a couple failed 😉 X

  11. It is so true life really is far too short! So I agree that going to somewhere like the Maldives is a magical experience that we must all try!

  12. Oh how stunning, Maldives isn’t my first place I would think of to take my kids but this looks lovely.

    • Thank you Steph, Maldives are indeed surprisingly kids friendly
      plus educational and transformational I’d add! No longer reserved just for honey-mooners 😉

  13. Oh I would love a surprise trip to the Maldives, the sea life is a real attraction for us!

  14. The Maldives never appealed to me as a family destination but it looks amazing. I would love the chance to swim with dolphins and sharks

    • Thank you Kara, Maldives are indeed surprisingly family friendly
      plus educational and transformational I’d add! No longer reserved just for honey-mooners 😉

  15. Oh wow, how very amazing is that and love that you guys took your kids too, I have the Maldives on my list as well.

    • Hope you get to go soon and pls keep us posted on your impressions! Maldives are indeed surprisingly kids friendly
      plus educational and transformational I’d add! No longer reserved just for honey-mooners 😉

  16. I completely agree. Life is very short and this sounds like a very easy holiday with kids. My only challenge is trying to get my husband on a 12 hour flight

    • Haha Zena, that’s the funniest thing I heard! Surely your husband should be able to cope with in flight entertainment, watching few movies and/or reading a book 😉 btw BA flight is direct and normally takes just over 10 hours. x

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