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Happy 2016 ! The joys and challenges of a new year. And a little retrospective 2015: babymoons with a toddler.

New year, new joys and challenges. As Zenbabytravel was about to become more of Zenornotsozentoddlertravel, 2016 will bring the balance right back on baby with the added complexities of travelling with both baby and a toddler.

Yay! That’s right, currently 6.5 months pregnant, expecting a second cheeky monkey boy late March 2016.

And yay, the flavour of last few months have been babymoons with a toddler.

My takes so far:

– Great to spend family time together before the temporary balance we found is about to go out of the window. Have no illusions will all have some troubles adjusting from 3 to 4, especially a little spoilt and lovely monkey. Great to spend especially time with my toddler who became so much more talkative lately and occasionally sensible, especially that working full time doesn’t give us much apart from the week-ends.

– Introducing the baby bump Emmanuel to toddler Raphael. Having little conversations and trying to prepare the two for each others. (*Trying is the KEY word in here).

– Great to have some grown up time only as well in lush surroundings, sipping (me virgin cocktails) by our garden jacuzzi or watching the clouds and chatting silly small stuff like in our young days.

– We picked all inclusive read lazy holidays, by far the laziest in my last 20 years of regular travelling. And both resorts had amazing kids clubs and children facilities, making sure we get some grown up time an hour a day on average.

– As we were quite realistic about the very little time will spend outside the resorts, we also prioritized and picked facilities & stuff very relevant/ read important to us: calm Caribbean seas with good snorkelling on the spot, food with good reviews and generous accommodation.

– Tested destinations for babymoons with toddler:

Turkey has amazing customer services, value for money and local cuisine (or just compatible with my cravings), plenty of outstanding resorts in Dalaman, Antalya, Bodrum.

Caribbean has wonderful seas and a very relaxed pace. Great resorts not so many without paying an arm and a leg especially at Xmas time, so we had to compromise a bit on the transfers and not direct flights to pick the right place. And St Vincent treated us wonderfully for the occasion; 9 hours of BA and a local flight with Liat felt like an acceptable price for a garden villa in a lush paradise, unspoilt little golf and beach.

And last but not least, great to get away on the Christmas season and go back to the basics: one family and its funny days, sometimes less amusing moments but always so much joy. No shopping, no rush, no urban crowds & madness, no heavy cooking or lengthy preparations. The presents are us and being with each other, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes naughty but there and present.

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