Travelling with a baby

Who are the cheeky monkeys of Zenbabytravel?

Who are the cheeky monkeys of Zenbabytravel?

One happy dumpling at the time of this post 3.5 months. Much better behaved when travelling than at home. More precisely letting his parents enjoy most of their dinners and happily settling in his pram 7pm onwards, quite resilient to his brother monkey business and playdates.

One energetic independent very young man at the time of this post 2 years and 10 months. In love with airports, airplanes, volcanoes, travelling, holidays.


And together quite a combo, occasionally Zen, mostly mischief, sometimes happy, sometimes moaning.


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The week-end is almost here and spring feels just around the corner! #Countrykidsfun #HappyFriday all! https://zenbabytravel.com/2017/10/14/kew-gardens-with-or-without-the-kids-glorious-in-every-season/ Loving the hood in white. #leightonhouse in the #snow. <3 #hollandparklondon #abovetheclouds #skiromania #bluepoetry Good morning #Postavaru ! Snowed in #romaniancarpathians #familyfun #4yearsoldskiing
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