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Who are the cheeky monkeys of Zenbabytravel?

Who are the cheeky monkeys of Zenbabytravel? The inspiration for the luxury holidays with babies and day trips from London for kids, the subjects of luxury family holidays UK and fun cultured road trips?

One happy dumpling at the time of this post 3.5 months. Much better behaved when travelling than at home. More precisely letting his parents enjoy most of their dinners and happily settling in his pram 7pm onwards, quite resilient to his brother monkey business and playdates.

One energetic independent very young man at the time of this post 2 years and 10 months. In love with airports, airplanes, volcanoes, travelling, holidays.


And together quite a combo, rarely Zen, mostly cheeky. Head for our Tested destination by country to discover with us over 55 countries to date or by type to research specifically about skiing with baby and/ or children in Europe, beach holidays, city & beach or countryside. Few key articles in here:

(i) Our favourite babymoon destinations without kids, head to our article on Fiji and Kangaroo Island Australia. For babymoon with toddler and zen parents one needs a good kidsclub and an accommodating luxurious hotel, so our votes go for Dalaman Coast and Four Seasons Nevis, Caribbean.

(ii) Round ups for day trips from London for kids within an hour drive head here, 15 brilliant and cultured suggestions, or even shorter head here.

(iii) Best for families and luxury holidays in Europe, our votes go for Martinhal in Portugal and Ritza Abama Tenerife.

(iv) Fun cultured roadtrips ideally with kids over 3 years old, we loved France going round glorious chateaux hotels, Middle East stunning landscapes and adventures in Oman or city, beach and history Israel and Jordan.

(v) Ski holidays with baby and toddler are totally feasible we discovered with Esprit in lovely Tignes Le Lac. Or for easy luxury on piste hotel with great childcare next door, here’s our post on Courchevel and Fahrenheit 7.

(vi) Favourite luxury family holidays UK, we like Coworth Park, Calcot Manor Cotswolds and Ickworth in its vast superb National Trust grounds.

(vii) Fun, active and glam parents only retreats we reckon after years of testing, Ibiza and Las Vegas still rule!

(viii) Nature at its best we have few round ups on best places to swim with dolphins, sharks or watching turtles hatching! Wild side with or without kids has been always high on our list, dedicated chapter in here!

(ix) And best worldwide luxury holidays with babies and/ or kids, our vote goes to Maldives.



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