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Zen baby travel early mobile days – some more considerations

I found the early mobile days the most challenging both physically and time wise – little one too keen to walk since he was 8 months and without any sense of danger. Plus ours was not fond of crawling until he actually started walking, so keen actually reads desperate to be mobile and get support in terms of hands, harness, baby carrier.

At home we had a walker and when travelled he was most of the time after us to assist his little steps and go round to explore. On a notable occasion we settled for Cornwall as it was by car and we could stuff the walker in it and be more independent from all that assisted walking.


And yes, I’m testing your attention, that is not the walker ! The below’s more like it and also giving a little clue how a determined little baby could carry around 2 toddlers: one intrigued and the other one certainly amused 🙂


We also bought the harness as it was just impossible to stop him from discovering  the world and that proved a decent solution for some assisted control and some help for our battered backs.


Grandparents, friends, nursery stuff alike – found it quite impossible to escape from the honourable duty of supporting a young determined little man – so we took gladly any help available.

Few considerations when picking the holidays: weather, proximity, facilities

Hotel versus flats, full basis versus a la carte, babysitting available, extent to which parents could enjoy the evenings and some grown up time, areas where baby could roam around freely without parents monitoring each second, some early stage friendly playground.

Tested destinations:





Day-trips from London: Tyntesfield


Day-trips from London: Brighton


Day-trips from London: Osterly Park


Packing lists & tips: Add to the previous early weaning days packing list whatever new mobility accessories you deem necessary & could fit: harness & walker 🙂


2 comments on “Zen baby travel early mobile days – some more considerations

  1. Daisy
    October 5, 2016

    As well as a harness I bought a ‘take along bouncer’ by tiny love to travel with. Perfect for a 4 month old on the beach!




    • Zen Babytravel
      October 11, 2016

      Thanks a lot Daisy! The bouncer looks great for very early stages! Our boys tend to grow really quickly – baby E at 6 months is already approaching the 9 kgs 😉 Xo


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