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London Open House with a toddler

We’ve been avid consumers of London Open House venues over the years, this time round seeking the ones toddler friendly. _IGP2686The Open House week-end needs little introduction: annual architectural feast, heritage & contemporary treasures.

My top pick for parents with a small child for the  would be Ham House. Part of the National Trust properties, this is a 17th century gem well conserved in south Richmond, and already part of our Top 6 gardens & countryside within 30 minutes from London.


Kids explorer programme proposed by the Open house at: http://www.openhouselondon.org.uk/junior/families.html

Knowing us & our son, our list is slightly longer & a tad more ambitious. More precisely I’m hoping he may take an interest / let us enjoy as well some of the following:

Admiralty House & next door Banqueting House

-Argentine ambassador residence

-Burlington house Royal Academy of Arts

-Canons park

-Lookout – Isis education (arts & crafts)

-Marlborough house

-Royal College of Physicians ( to build a lego masterpiece )

Captured my imagination but tours and timeslots already sold out:

155 Holland park avenue – fantasy decorated rooms in our neighbourhood.

& National Liberal Club. Hopefully both available next year?

Executed version – Saturday September 19th.

IMGP1350 London Open House: Marlborough House

We started with Marlborough house, rather quick tour as the youngest visitor of Commonwealth expressed a strong interest in sitting for Samoa and Brunei. Here are some snapshots of what you’re no supposed to do & take pictures of. The volunteers at the Open house very kind, not only gracefully put up with toddler’s ideas but offered lots of info about the Commonwealth members regular activities. 20150919_102354

Lot of fun outside in the manicured gardens of Marlborough house; we fed squirrels, crows, hide and seek by their house, sat & played under their gorgeous huge chestnut tree.London Open House: Marlborough House London Open House with a toddler: Marlborough House London Open House with a toddler: Marlborough House

We thereafter continued St James park, grabbed an icecream, tested the sunbeds and studied the ducks. Horse guards thereafter and Banqueting house. Fully equipped with a new double decker & black cab toys from the touristy shops, mother admired the Rubens on the ceiling whilst toddler tested new routes for the bus & black cab.

The afternoon we ticked Leighton house again, it’s been years we love the venue – a friend had an amazing 40th birthday celebration in there. On this occasion, the mother’s popped in quickly whilst the boys ran & cuddled a cat outside, played with the horse & various sculptures and so on.

London Open House: Leighton House Icecream, pouting & horseguards 20150919_164607

Executed version – Sunday September 20th, afternoon. Royal Academy of Art. 

Played with Ai Weiwei trees, sat in Ai Weiwei Emperor vain marble armchair, ran around stairs, elevators, paintings and then wrapped it up with macaroons at La Duree Burlington arcade next door. Yum.
London Open House: Royal Academy of Art

Thank you London Open House !  Feedback from other brave parents attempting the Open House with toddlers?

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  1. The Daisy Pages
    September 13, 2017

    This looks like a great idea, I love your photos!

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