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London top exhibitions with young kids

Magical Lanterns @ Chiswick House and Gardens. A lit fairytale by the river & great way to celebrate the New Chinese Year – it is the Monkey! £16 advance tickets, children under 4 years free, up to March 6th.

Huge mushrooms & flowers, hordes of cute animals, including kangaroos, zebras, giraffes, reindeers, jelly fish, peacocks, ducks.

A 66m long dragon, a Huaguo lantern, the tree of life, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, porcelain Imperial Palace lantern, Terracotta Army soldiers.

5pm slot proved very popular with parents and a lot chillier than expected . Bring the gloves, few extra layers & the chocolates – there will be yummy churros & goodies on the site but queues proved rather long.

After the visual treat you could also indulge into mulled wine, hot chocolate & Chinese goodies at the end of the walk.

 Alice in wonderland exhibition @ British Library. Free and available up to April 17th.

I personally love the British Library. But up to a couple of months ago, the reasons to bring a toddler were numbered on one hand. A 2.5 years old will love the escalators, book shelves, coffee shop and stamp printing press from 200 years ago. But now, even better, a great exhibition for one of the greatest books, Alice in Wonderland. And we could be all slightly mad in here J

And whilst at 2.5 years we are not able to read yet or fully indulge in the exhibition, we are still merrily playing hide & seek with the mirrors and the little tunnels, knock –knocking little house’s door, jumping around with other little people and counting the Queen of Hearts hedgehogs & flamingos.

Orchid Festivals @ Kew Gardens. Brazil & the Carnival come to Kew. Tropical flowers & colours as best antidote to the grey wet weather. £14 online ticket for adults, children under 4 years free, up to March 6th.

Elizabeth gate the closest to The Princess of Wales Conservatory, which is hosting the Orchids festival. To quote my toddler once inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory: Wow! Nice !!!

There are the dry tropics – with warm arid areas vegetation, the wet tropics –moisture loving plants & the amazing orchids, waterfalls and tunnels, fish, turtles, frogs and even water dragons which breed freely.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Weli Creative for the Magical Lantern complimentary tickets and the Kew Gardens for my Press Pass. Impressions more or less artistic & photos above my own.

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