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Freestyle holiday or fully catered resort? How spontaneous/ adventurous are you feeling this summer?

Planning a holiday involves too often pleasing few people with different agendas. Grown-ups may dream about picturesque villages and authentic travelling experiences; occasionally one though may be too exhausted to explore and be adventurous and could use the pampering of a boutique resort which will look after meals and little ones with tones of energy or in need of excitement and running around.

Depending on the negotiations between such grown-ups, the planning and the holidays end up with various degrees of spontaneity and arrangements.

Two favourite destinations of ours over the years have been Liguria and Crete. Have been a couple of times to both; travelling as a couple and thereafter travelling with baby / toddler.

Liguria is blessed with charming and diverse villages from fisherman like Camogli to posh Portofino, beautiful Santa Margarita de Liguria and diverse Rapallo,  delightful food ( best focaccia,  pesto genovese, great diversity of fish, wines and cheese) and easy access (2 hours flight to Genova and about an hour transfer). We’ve been mid-May for friends wedding and in April for Easter and more reunion with friends – loved it on both occasions.  Rapallo based both times, we found the supply of hotels and Airbnb flats plentiful and very satisfactory.

Crete is more of a stretch in terms of flights; more like 4 hours followed by an hour generally a transfer. But little places could beat the blue of the Mediterranean here, the sea is inviting, calm and warm. The supply of boutique resorts looking well after both grown-ups and little ones is more than adequate; but similarly if you feel adventurous and energetic Crete has plenty if you wish to organize at leisure and test tavernas, villages and the Cretan way of life. In our young days, we have been to Ierapetra with friends and travelled around, Agios Nikolaos and Elounda included. With a 10 months toddler we selected Grecotel White Palace, boutique white and great service. Rethymnon is just 30 minutes away by taxi and has few tavernas where they have kids entertainment facilities whilst grown-ups can eat, have a drink and chat relatively uninterrupted.

How brave and spontaneous are you feeling/ planning to be this summer?

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