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Tate Modern does the trick.Made in Chelsea Easter bunny inspired by modern art.

Monday bank holiday I fancied a relaxed morning glancing at modern and very modern art. With Emmanuel bump now overdue 3 days and toying with us for so many weeks, we got along with our plans as usual. Headed to Southbank, to our surprise the weather brightened up:  we left grey skies in Holland park and found some sunny ones by Southbank and Millennium bridge.

Since October last year, the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern has been hosting 200 something planters filled with soil and unknown plants. All experimental – Cruzvillegas, its conceptual artist reckons there’s plenty of action, microscopic drama and sex in there. We stared at it and noted just the cool triangular arrangements filled with green and random life – not bad.

Another serious fascination for our toddler has been one 15minutes movie on how to become invisible. Excuse the language but more precisely called – How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File 2013. It’s quite satirical and topical, new pretty developments and pop videos in the middle of the dessert, lots of cracks and pixels not coming along properly – all more or less metaphors of gaps and flaws in whatever we try to package and visualize these days conceptually as happiness. Some sentences more hilarious or blunt than others, I loved the How to become invisible advice by being female and over 50 and the Cracks overall – our toddler kept repeating ‘I want more crack’ for a couple of hours thereafter.

Wham helicopter was noted but not as popular as we expected with our son. I really liked the Babel station and some vintage tv equipment reminding me of childhood and one gone tech generation.

Toddler reluctant to leave as usual – even with very modern art; took some serious hide and seek playing to get him out.

With the restaurant on the 6th floor closed until April 7th, we headed for lunch, some Turkish which proved child friendly but rather average – Tas Pides, on New Globe Walk.

Baby bump Emmanuel also seemed to be quite excited by the arty morning as by the afternoon I headed to Chelsea hospital and after a very intense (read short and very horrible) labour, he showed up just past midnight.

Very considerate of baby Emmanuel to go along all the Easter weekend plans!

And here’s baby Emmanuel few hours old, more precisely 9am March 29th and 2 days old and enjoying Kyoto gardens!

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