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Nevis holidays coming soon

End of maternity leave approaching brings one inch of panic and an urge to book some further family time in the sun. October half term seems to be the perfect time to escape again and the BA sale fuelled my wish lists.

About 6 years ago, we went cruising south Caribbean side and we loved.

That was some time before kids so each day was an adventure of a different kind: scuba diving in USVI, muddy volcanoes and waterfalls on St Lucia, jet skiing and beer drinking with the locals in Antigua, climbing the tropical jungle and the volcano in Nevis.

So already in love with that part of the world and always keen to get back.

We’ve heard great things about Four Seasons in Nevis and already familiar with impeccable services of Four Seasons in other places.

It only seems fair for our second son to be brought to the Caribbeans by the time he is 7 months – as we have done it for our first son in the Dominican Republic. Raphael loved the Caribbean seas and introduction to the yummiest tropical fruits, whilst the parents indulged far too much in the Sour rum cocktails and the Dominican sun. And we truly hope Emmanuel will do as well, whilst we could similarly attempt to have a good time.

It’s also an emotional time where the baby no longer fits into his first few months outfits and is up to bigger, braver things: eating, cruising in his walker, energetically hopping in his jumperoo, turning and doing the funniest things. It is a painful reminder how fast the little monkeys grow and how merciless the passage of time is.

So carpe diem we said and we booked Nevis and the Four Seasons !

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