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Mies, Coppet and Yvoire with kids

Terre Sainte according to the evidences of the Canton de Vaud. Charming Swiss heritage and French medieval village respectively. Magic rural landscapes by the lake of Geneva, exquisite cobbled streets, abundance of flowers and colours, forts and castles.

So even 2 cheeky monkeys both 3 years old would be mesmerised when not fully immersed into their monkey businesses.

The grapes are sweet and super flavoured.

The countryside is next door: vineyards, orchards, fields of sunflowers.

The Alps nearby bring a fresh chill and recharge batteries.

Time flows differently in here.

The horses, cats and ponies are curious and friendly.

The lake shimmers and the water is crystal clear.

The castles stand tall and charming.


First trip when a baby stays home.

First trip just with my 3 years old.

Feeling properly panicked the night before and quite emotional at the beginning. Gradually relaxed as the baby had a good time with his nannies and father.

Needless to say the 3 years old had a fantastic time in the charming rural landscapes by the lake of Geneva.

Many thanks again to our sweet friends who welcomed us so warmly and hosted us like two royalties!

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