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A very enchanted morning @ The enchanted house

For those after a very enchanted experience kids and parents alike, Zenbabytravel team warmly recommends the Enchanted House. Hosted in London Art House in Islington, this is a marvellous immersion into play, magic, interactive theatre and puppets, arts and crafts, music and dance.

There will be an abundance of characters from Pink Pigeon, Hairy Minions, Bunnies, Reindeers, Polar Bear, Elves, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Genie, Sheep and of course Santa – each with their own shows and surroundings. There’s just enough structure to keep most of kids very engaged and flexibility to leave a Montessori child like ours to enjoy his stuff independently.

The parents loved the coffee, tea and pies to start with and mulled wine served from 11am onwards. Makes one adult more prone to magic and merry activities !

There’s also an army of personnel to entertain the kids, should you not fancy helping at the gingerbread workshop or fish arts and crafts; the elves and Santa ladies will gracefully step in and guide even the clumsy or rebellious little people.

December corporate parties list seems extensive as ever; so why not take it easier, step back, let the little ones be entertained and soak up the magic together?

Our 3 years old loved the first room – extensive play options, from green snow, to penguin land, to the dinosaurs world, to magic costumes, to a water & sand area (for those still dreaming about sunny beaches, lobsters and boats), to shopping area, musical instruments and tepees and a big stage where lots of interactive theatre takes place.

Right after this amazing intro (we struggled resuming it as an intro!), there’s a magic icy little house and the first arts and crafts room. The other side a Christmas grotto with a very knowledgeable Santa – letter or no letter, he knows the children name, presents preferences and behaviours to date 😉

It is a very nice relaxed encounter, Santa does take his time to talk to all of us, take pics and hand presents. Thereafter there’s the Gingerbread man kitchen – delightful decorations and munching. Dancing with the Genie and umbrella is next and thereafter back to the main stage – where the Magic pink pigeon sorts out the Glittery snatchers over more joyous tunes. It’s difficult to leave and little ones loved can’t stop talking about it ! Few grown up friends ended up dancing the day away along with kids – that’s what I call an enchanted morning 😉

PS: We were invited by the Enchanted House to enjoy Saturday morning session and write about. Tickets for a family of 3 start at £164.

3 comments on “A very enchanted morning @ The enchanted house

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  2. Talida
    November 18, 2017

    Shall we go again this year?:)

    • Zen Babytravel
      November 18, 2017

      Not happening this year I am afraid…they are taking a break. Back in 2018 they say!

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