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London – the very bad and the recent therapies

London has been saddened recently by few horrific events: Westminster & London bridge, Borough market, the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, the savage attacks at Finsbury Park.

So I did hesitate to write a post about our latest fantastic days out and cool evenings.

It is draining emotionally to see so much destruction, loss of sense, meanings, belongings, dear ones.  Makes one so painfully aware of our fragility and how the precious can vanish overnight.

But after much reflection and an emotional evening volunteering at St Clements & James centre, I felt even more the urge of get together, music, evenings and days out.

London and neighbourhoods have been fantastic in coming together, showing solidarity and support – donations, emotional help, looking at circumstances and making sure they will not repeat.

Restoring trust in humankind, love and tolerance feels like a responsibility for all of us.

The music heals on so many levels. And Royal Albert Hall is an institution. Elgar room at has been hosting regularly small but groovy  performances. Few months ago we have seen and danced on Kate Simko & London electronic orchestra. Very funky and engaging. Last week in Thursday we’ve seen Alex Hitchcock Quintet for a jazzy late evening – chilled, smart and flowing beautifully. A perfect evening out for Kensington mothers, even with little ones tuck in bed and fast asleep as it started 9:45pm, so no guilt for working mums like me in terms of missing out a precious evening with little ones. The seating was cabaret like – sharing tables with other people but in small gatherings; so felt intimate and cool. Alex walked us through their playlist, the drummer; cello player and pianist were also brilliant. Lots of stuff flowed greatly but, as expected there were few quite orchestrated smart and challenging bits. Happy ending must have been my favourite track; my friends reported some others.


The nature offers consolation, tranquillity and forgiveness. This weekend there was the glorious Open square garden weekend. The best private gardens opened up for visitors and hosted us royally with live bands, drinks, performances, art and Zen.

On Saturday we recharged batteries at the Royal Crescent Garden, nearby our house; majestic trees and gorgeous flowers – a perfect retreat. On the opposite scale, we continued to Lexham gardens, a joyous garden party with a live band, drinks flowing and brilliant entertainment for little people.

On Sunday we started at the stunning Cadogan gardens with picnic, pimms and mischief over a great French band – Garance and the mithocondries. We carried on to Eaton square for more entertainment, The Master Butchers Band live – a band with a cut above the rest.


The kids and grownups have been also introduced to Punch & Judy, with some modern tweaks to the impressive tradition of 350 years. Stunning David Harber sculptures on display, this London premier address has been a feast in so many ways.

The last garden was Edwardes square – with its 3 acres of shrubberies, lawns, flowerbeds, rose pergola, croquet lawn, tennis court, children’s play area and even a small temple/ Grecian-style lodge for the gardener.

The sports & get togethers offer us joy in sharing, hoping, cheering. Polo in the park, such a glorious English event, treated us last week-end with great games, sunshine, a lot of style and adrenaline, bubbles and more class, gorgeous food and great kids entertainment.

Glamorous ladies, funky crowd, handsome players, gorgeous horses – an amazing Sunday out.



PS: Many thanks to Polo in the Park, Royal Albert Hall and Open Square Gardens for the complimentary tickets. Opinions, pictures and funky kids – mainly ours. To the people affected recently in London, our hearts are with them. To Londoners and visitors – I am quoting Finsbury Park tube guy, brilliantly brief and to the point: ‘Tough times do not last. Tough people do. Stick together. All of us’.


5 comments on “London – the very bad and the recent therapies

  1. Zen Babytravel
    July 3, 2017
    T ravel Loving Family
  2. tinboxtraveller
    July 10, 2017

    It’s right to celebrate the good in the world. London is a city with so much love and whatever happens that will always be the case. It looks like you’ve been enjoying it to the max. Thanks so much for sharing this on #MondayEscapes

  3. Zen Babytravel
    July 10, 2017

    Very wise words! Thank you Claire! As always a pleasure to read you 😉

  4. Roxie
    July 16, 2017

    Tha’ts going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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