Around the World in 80 Days – fab London theatre kids show

Kiddies school just started, (office) projects lists getting longer by the day, just as light is getting scarcer and days shorter? Weak pound plus already into bleak autumn weather? Wanderlusting (secretly or not) and daydreaming about blue skies and holidays ? Look no further and embark on a fabulous London theatre kids show : Around the world trip in 80 days!

Theatre for kids london: Around the world in 80 days

We departed the adventures right from Sloane Square and its beautiful Cadogan Hall couple of days ago. I took along my friend and her boys aged 9 and almost 12; they laughed, questioned, giggled and enjoyed.

Theatre with kids: Cadogan Hall

Theatre with kids: Around the world in 80 days

8 fabulously talented actors are multitasking vividly and creatively through France, Italy, Egypt, India, Japan, the States and back to London. There are trains and steam boats, an elephant, flights, a sledge, circus, intriguing plots and lots of adventures.

Most of us know the story. The most predictable man, Phileas Fogg goes for a bet with his usual whist partners and embarks on a challenge to go round the world precisely in 80 days.

His valet is Passepartout,  a Parisian cheeky and resourceful, hired the same day as the adventure starts. He has been seeking to take a break and live the quiet life between the 4 walls of his room but ends up dragged in the madness and beauty of the round the world. Initially Passepartout is the only one enjoying the trip as Mr Phileas Fogg prefers his books to the local experiences.

London Theatre : Jules Vernes

It takes a saved princess for Mr Fogg to come alive, start observing and interacting with the exotic lands and characters. The cultural clichés are enchanting, hilarious and well intended – Italians, French, English and American cowboys alike.

Aside from the geographic trip around the world, Mr Fogg goes through a personal journey and transformation. Phileas Fogg leaves London in an uninterested mode, passive collector of stamps in his passport, not willing to spend any time getting to know the travelled lands but just resorting to his books and cards games.  He gradually starts getting involved thought-out the journey, saving widowed princess Aouda, sorting various means of transportation, bargaining and negotiating his way out  – all gracefully and funnily done just throwing impressive quantities of money. Back in London, he is a changed man:  mathematical precision out of the window (together with his fortune), marrying exotic and willing to embrace a commoner life. Luckily around the world trip Asia route involves gaining an actual 24 hours, so we witness a true happy ending – bet won, fortune and valet kept, love and happiness found.

London theatre kids show Around the world in 80 days

Jules Vernes story is translated on stage joyously and delightfully from beginning to end. Wanderlust ticked. Artistic senses tickled. Banter and frolicking fun with vivid characters on a wonderful journey ticked. Convenience ticked. Around the world in 80 days now embarked on a National journey around UK in a fabulous London theatre kids showgrab your tickets for a proper treat!

Disclosure: Many thanks to Kenny Wax Family Entertainment for the complimentary tickets , same brilliant team who brought us THE Bear Hunt. It’s been a sheer delight to be there and write about.


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  1. CulturedKids
  2. MummyTravels
  3. Aw I really like the sound of this – I haven’t been to the theatre for years! x

  4. One of my favourite books ever! I’d love to see the live show of it!

  5. Oh what an amazing production! That looks like such a great show, we love the theatre!

  6. This looks like a load of fun! The costumes look so colourful – a great way of bringing an old classic to life. Thanks for linking up with #CulturedKids!

    • Pleasure linking with you guys as always! We laughed our heads off for a couple of hours indeed and I loved the journey and la mise en scene!

  7. I’ve heard only good reviews about this one. My daughter just turned 7 and I’m wondering if she’s too young? But then she enjoyed Wind in the Willows, so maybe she’ll love this too?

    • I reckon your daughter will love it, 7 years is the start of the recommended age but from my stories even my 4 years old loved it and keeps on asking me to take him along. Keep me posted!

  8. As I have seen the movie many times and always laughed at Phileas Fogg’s silliness I think I would love to see it in theatre. Sounds like a great love for sure.

  9. Ahhh this looks like such a fantastic show I used to love the cartoon of this when I was a kid so this really brings back memories – I would love to see it in theatre!

  10. I’ve heard great things about this show and it sounds amazing. We love a trip the theatre. I think my eldest would love it!

  11. This sounds like a great production! I love the story of Phileas Fogg and his adventures so would love to see this!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful show and the theatre looks stunning

  13. This sounds really fun, it’s such a great story, I am sure my daughter would have loved it if she were a little older. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping and sharing

    • Pleasure Cathy! That was precisely my reasoning when I left my 4 years old at home and took my friend and her sons (9 and 12 years old). The recommended age starts at 7 and I reckon even 6 is fine. The big child in me also loved it !

  14. I love trips to the theatre, and this sounds a great one to see

  15. What a lovely experience and a brilliant story! I’m a huge fan of theatre and I’m looking forward to introducing it to my little ones in the future.

  16. I would love to watch a show like this. I can’t remember the last time I visited a theatre.

  17. This sounds like a great production, I reckon my 6 year old would love it! #culturedkids

    • Hey Annabel, the recommended age is 7 years old but I also reckon 5 and 6 years olds used to musicals and theatre will love it. Hope you get to go soon! And thanks for stopping by!

  18. I love taking my kids to the theatre. This sounds like a great show and would tick a lot of boxes for us to

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