Best beach holidays in Italy with kids or without

Italian coast is a glorious destination and here are our favourites and bits and pieces over the years for the best beach holidays in Italy with kids or without. And in case you wonder – about half of our friends are Italian. And over the years, that translated in many travels to and around Italy, lots of joyous occasions we celebrated together and knowing well most of those gorgeous lands.

1. Cinque Terre – landscapes out of this world.

Italian coast: Cinque terre

We stayed in Manarola in the lovely boutique hotel La Toretta. Life goes sweet and slow by these dramatic shores. Pause, breathe, observe : fishermen, cats, locals hanging freshly washed clothes to dry in the sun.

Italian coast: Cinque terre

From Manarola we explored Romagiore by foot on Via dell’ Amore  – name says it all. Cliffs, vineyards and sea – all magic.

Italian coast: Cinque terre

2. Tremiti islands – idyllic archipelago in the Adriatic.

Italian coast: Tremitti islands

We sailed from Termoli for 3 days, indulging in crystal clear waters.

Italian coast: Tremitti islands

It’s been quite a memorable adventure, where our captain almost lost our boat in a stormy night and all boys had to chip in. The islands have volcanic origins, are tiny but lush and rich in history.

Luckily no kids involved, just lots of prossecco bottles during and after to heal the trauma 😉

3. Liguria – we love the convenience of short flight to Genova, the charming Santa Margherita de Liguria, the authentic and rustique Camogli, and the posh Portofino.

Italian coast: Liguria

Liguria we have been with kids and without, both occasions stayed in Rapallo.

Italian coast: Liguria

Without the kids we opted for the gorgeous hotel Bristol.

Italian coast: Liguria

With a baby we found Airbnb flat with a large terrace more relaxing and convenient.

Italian coast: Liguria

4. Amalfi. South of Naples has the most dramatic and stunning living on the edge scenary:  terraced pastel-hued villages, steep hillsides, turquoise waters and luxuriant gardens.

Italian coast: Amalfi

Best beach holidays in Italy: La Sireneuse, Amalfi

We went with a 6 weeks old baby and stayed in the beautiful boutique hotel Villa Gianlica in Praiano. We spent a week exploring Positano, Amalfi, hidden walks and trecks, rocks, sea, vineyards, lemon and olive trees orchards – bliss.


Also from Naples 2017 discovery has been  5. Procida. Much quieter and unspoilt than Costiera Amalfitana, Procida appeals to travellers looking for gems.

6. Ischia – another treasure in the Naples bay, we wrote about in here.  Many reason to fall in love with this island, but  the warm local hospitality at Ischia Dream VisionCastello Aragonese  and Negombo made it very very special and one of the best beach holidays in Italy with kids.

Italian coast: Ischia

7. Sicily. We loved sailing with friends in crystal clear waters, explore steep cliffs, beaches, little bays and indulge in Sicilian regional food to die for.

Italian coast: Sicily

Trapani is on the less known &  touristy side. To us with local friends felt like paradise.

Trapani makes also a great pied a terre to explore Palermo and kilometres of Zingaro nature park,  where wild nature meets the sea.

Best beach holidays in Italy: Sicily

Best beach holidays in Italy: Sicily

8. Favignana – technically still Sicily but a ferry away and words apart from the busy pace of Trapani or Palermo. We raved extensively about it in here, it ranked very well in our best beach holidays in Italy with kids. We picked a boutique cave hotel – Cave Bianche with a beautiful simplicity and peacefulness in a gorgeous tufa quarry setting: stone, flowers, greennery and water.

3 days in Favignana - Favignana best beaches: Calla Rossa

Favignana best beaches: Calla Rossa

Ciao belle spiagge and gorgeous Italian coast, ci rivedremo presto !



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  1. Country Kids

  2. Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
  3. I can see how Italy keeps you returning, you clearly have a special bond with the place and have stayed in some beautiful looking areas. Even more impressive that you have managed to catch up with your favourite places even with a young family. I love all the colourful houses and of course the warm sea, though I couldn’t do 3 days on a boat, even without the storms! A lovely read that makes me want to visit.

    Thank you for sharing on #CountryKids

    • Pleasure Fiona! A very special bond indeed and have to admit Italians are so warm and kind with kids and babies that often we didn’t care about the less than perfect setting i.e. lots of stairs with pram, no highchairs and so on 😉 That boat trip was quite an adventure, all 8 of us have kids now and we reckon it’s a great (and scary) bedtime story…

  4. The Places We Will Go
  5. Wow, it looks so beautiful! I dream of sea and sky that blue when we get to this time of the year. #CountryKids

    • Likewise! This October in London is sooo cold already and windy, we are sooo looking forward to going back to milder weather. Have a great October half term and fingers crossed, the week is meant to get better 😉

  6. I’ve never been to Italy but the Amalfi coast is on my list! #countrykids

    • Warmly recommending, hope you get to go soon! And make some time for Ischia as well, it’s half of the price in terms of accomodation and meals and equally stunning 😉 They have ferries from Sorento or Naples and its just about an hour 😉

  7. I am amazed and impressed with all of the adventures you take your kids on. Your pics and travel stories of Italy leave me with a feeling of envy. Happy travels to you and your family on your next adventure. #countrykids

    • Thank you Keitha, hope you get to go soon as well and let us know if we can answer any question. There will be another series of best picks Italy inland – again we are so spoilt to have so many Italian friends. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Tin Box Traveller
  9. It’s really beautiful and we’ve been once without children and visited cirque terrer. It was amazing. I love all the coloured houses perched on The hillsides. You do well to take your little with you now. Beautiful #countrtkids

    • Hehe I know, Cinque Terre is amazing and we waiting for our cheeky monkeys to grow few years to take them as well! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Oh wow what a wonderful place. Those colourful buildings are absolutely stunning and the sea looks so inviting! #countrykids

    • Thank you Emma, it’s so easy November days to dream about sunny days, sea and pastel coloured villages 😉 thanks for stopping by!

  11. This looks beautiful! I often dream of being alone on the beach with a cocktail.. When I’m 40 and my boys are older that will be me lol #kcacols

    • Hehe! You just need to pick the right hotel! We just got back from Martinhal in Portugal and can’t stop raving about – will wrap up articles shortly. It’s the perfect set up to allow parents grown up time and sipping cocktails whilst kids are having a blast. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Gosh you have visited some beautiful places in Italy. I haven’t been for ages which is strange as before the kids we went every year for about ten years. I love it but you’ve shown me some places I haven’t been too. Thanks for linking up to Monday Escapes

    • Pleasure Karen! Very lucky and thankful to all our Italian friends for dragging us so often to their wonderful childhood places. Thank you for stopping by!

  13. This sounds gorgeous and I’d love to explore Italy more in the future! Always lovely to have people who know the area too! #KCACOLS

  14. Fabulously gorgeous piccies. It looks so beautiful and photo perfect there. Defo add it it my list.

  15. Oh wow I can see why you keep returning. It looks absolutely beautiful. I would love to visit one day. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  16. I really love Italy! We discovered Airbnb as well. It’s really comfortable when you travel with a baby Thanks for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

    • Pleasure to link in! Airbnb has some great properties indeed for babies and kids – both my boys love discovering new toys and playing with the hosts gadgets 😉

  17. You’ve been to all the beach towns I want to go to! We’ve only made it to Cinque Terre! Lucky you! #CityTripping

  18. I would absolutely love to visit the Amalfi Coast!!

  19. The houses at Cinque de Terre look AMAZING – I’ve only been to Rome in italy and would love to explore more of the beautiful coast. #citytripping

  20. This places look ridiculous picturesque. Now if only I looked as good as you do in a bikini! 🙂 #citytripping

  21. That Tremintini Islands trip sounds like an adventure and a half! Glad that the boys pitched in and you made it to dry land safely. #CityTripping

  22. I just finished reading The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante, where most of the story is based in Naples and they spend a summer on Ischia. I’ve always wanted to explore that part of Italy, as well as Cinque Terre, and your post has so much helpful info! Cheers 🙂 #citytripping

    • Perfect book to get you ready for Ischia 😉 Glad you liked the post, for more info do wander on Ischia dedicated article. Happy travels Caity!

  23. Italy is such a beautiful country – it’s too long since I visited (although hurrah, I’m back this year) and I really want to introduce my daughter to it. I still have to see quite a few places on your list as well. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    • Pleasure Cathy! We get the pleasure of visiting regularly, this year we have another friends wedding in Sicily, so there will be more on the topic shortly 😉 I hope you get to take your daughter soon as well, it’s such a treat for them food and kids friendliness wise!

  24. We LOVE La Torretta. We’ve been for the past two years, and I can’t imagine not going back this year… but I’d love to hear your thoughts on Rapallo vs. Manarola/Cinque Terre. I’ve been wanting to explore more of the Liguria area, but I’m also a creature of habit. Thoughts?? 🙂

    • Hey Sara! Rapallo is very cute and convenient but slightly less scenic than Manarola. However in the area you have Camogli which is a gem – our next article will cover it! ; Santa Margherita de Liguria (charming and focaccia to die for) and Portofino (glamorous & chic). We love Cinque Terre as well but have been more times to Liguria – that will tell you something, right? 😉

  25. Ah what’s not to love about this post! So much Italy inspiration! I haven’t actually been to Italy with my son (he’s 3 now) but Ischia, Sicily or a return to the Amalfi Coast would be perfect.

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