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Children in need fundraising ideas: Gala dinner & family charity walks London

An article answering 2 topical questions in here : what are the family charity walks London happening soon and children in need fundraising ideas.

Ever since early pregnancy days, our 2 lovely cheeky monkeys made us painfully aware how blessed and lucky we are. They may be naughty or special in certain respects, physically exhausting and tiring us regularly by not listening and constantly pushing boundaries, but we know well how lucky we are and our duty we have to raise them aware of children in need or kids who are not so fortunate.

Hospices of Hope came in my life via friends in January 2017 and ever since I’ve aimed to be an active Honorary Trustee. A leading charity in palliative care, Hospices of Hope provides for much needed services in Eastern Europe, with a focus on Romania, Serbia, Moldova and most recently, Albania. Last year we were all very proud to complete Euro1.5m fundraising for a children and family respite centre at Copaceni -a lovely manor and gem of traditional Romanian architecture in the countryside on the outskirts of Bucharest. It currently offers a day care centre, physiotherapy, tech interventions, social care, a hospice school, psychological counselling and speech therapy for children.  In addition, there are support groups for parents.   Final approvals are being obtained to open the 12 bed in-patient respite ward where children can be looked after, giving parents a much-needed rest, too.  In addition, Copaceni hosts summer camps for patients and their siblings some of whom will never have the opportunity to go on a holiday.

This year the clock is ticking on raising much needed funds for operating those premises and offering outpatient services in the main cities for kids and patients affected by life-limiting and terminal illnesses.

For the first time this year, we organised a family charity walk London in Battersea Park – a 10km route for older children and another 5km for younger children. Saturday September 7th, 10:30am, kids and dogs, outdoors fun and special friends including Hospices of Hope mascot cat, Bagpuss the cat and Lizzie the mouse. All kiddies strongly encouraged to come along, matchfunding and sponsorships also much appreciated!

Since I have been involved, Hospices of Hope children in need fundraising ideas included a variety of events:

(I) The annual Gala dinner and auction in May at the Gloucester Millennium hotel in Kensington.

(II) Wine tasting organised at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London. This year mark your diary for November 7th!

(III) Ballet at Coliseum and tea with Romanian famous ballet dancer Alina Cojocaru, to mention just a few!

Palliative care tends not to have a happy ending but it is crucial to the kids and their families, offering them a dignified alternative in frightening and difficult times. And Hospices of Hope is truly making a difference in an area badly neglected and where there’s also, sadly, social stigma. Thank you all for your support!

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