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Abu Dhabi dress code – packing guide

We raved so much about Abu Dhabi and exciting options, so rightly many of you asked about Abu Dhabi dress code and packing list! The capital of UAE is afterall Muslim and even if one of the most liberal emirates (right after Dubai!), one better come prepared, Louvre Abu Dhabi dress code may be sleeker than conservative Abu Dhabi Mosque dress code, whilst the beach, the pool, the desert safari or Ferrari World may through in some different challenges!

Do I have to wear a headscarf/ abaya? May I wear a bikini whilst walking on the beach? How cold does it get on desert safari and dinners under the stars? How about Yas island fun parks and the visionary museums? Few questions along those cropped up : overall I’d say plenty mid dresses, lose and chic, natural fabrics like cotton and linen best for high temperatures; flats and trainers to explore (and there’s lots!), high heels for glam hotels; light jackets for alfresco dinners under the stars.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi dress code

The largest indoor theme park on the planet and the first Ferrari-branded park in the world is a treat filled with adrenalin and fun, not just for young kids but grown ups as well! And if you are like me, opting for a silky maxi dress and light jacket, the karting team will get you dressed like a pro for the race, from head to toes! I found the open flats best for a full day out of running around, rides and adventures, trainers are also an options and so are silky long trousers.

Louvre Abu Dhabi what to wear: chic, lose, midi dress does the job best in here! Pair it with comfy high heels or flats, as well as a jacket, handy for both aircon inside the glorious galleries, as well as early evenings. Sunsets are a treat by the Louvre Abu dhabi, so do hang around and soak in the colours by Jean Nouvel’s magnificent architecture.

Desert safari : what to wear. Over the years for desert safaris, I found silky long trousers best, one is ready for camel rides, rolling in the sand dunes, sand surfing, dancing and so much more! Trainers or flats do both the job, a lose top, jacket or light jumper.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque dress code: ladies must be completely covered for this visit: shoulders, arms and ankles. Long-sleeved maxi dress in here or long trousers with a long-sleeved tops.  The largest mosque in UAE,  Sheikh Zayed Mosque grandeur is intended to reflect the cultural diversity of the Islamic world with a contemporary art twist. Swarovski crystals chandeliers and mosaic marbles are just some of the highlights; it makes a stunning sight at sunset – we soaked in daily from our Ritz Carlton glam pied a terre!

Sailing day : what to wear: a couple of swimsuits and another midi dress are my go to items!

Abu Dhabi hotels and pools : chic and glam are best for wandering around Abu Dhabi grand hotels, as well as Malls for shopping or brunch. Comfortable shoes ideally as lots of walking will be involved. Bikinis for pools of course, but walking around in the hotel in swimsuits is a no no. Also a no to Brazilian skinny tops and bottoms, bring in a long kaftan for your promenades for the beach and the cafes!

UAE pool parties, beach weddings or engagements : even if your invite says chic casual, go for glam glitz, Dubai and Abu Dhabi crowds love dressing up!

Abu Dhabi we had a blast once again and will be back soon! For more inspiration in the Middle East, head to our best roadtrips from Dubai; Dubai with a baby; Christmas in Abu Dhabi; 10 days Oman adventure holidays around MuscatAl Hajar mountains, the wadis, dessert and Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve.


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