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Amalfi coast with baby

Despite travelling extensively in Italy for the last 20 years, Amalfi only fit into our plans when R was about 6 weeks old. So when grandparents flew back from Rome, we stuffed a small rental car with all the luggage related baby and ourselves and drove from Rome to Praiano. There was some controversy around travelling so early, but we promise, Amalfi Coast with baby has been delightful and incredibly memorable.

We picked a small boutique hotel in a charming village, as we weren’t too sure about the posh Positano or the crowded Amalfi. Villa Gianlica Praiano more specifically. We loved it from the first moment, Raphael with its first big smiles and us sunbathing in a cute balcony overlooking the sea.

Amalfi with baby: Vila GianlicaAmalfi with baby: Vila Gianlica _IGP0396

Beginning of October also proved the perfect time to visit for Amalfi Coast with baby: the sun is gentle, the landscapes are stunning,  the ups and downs and lots of stairs great work out for a new mum absorbed into the smell of lemon trees, the charming houses and of course the most beautiful sweetest baby. We also found 6 weeks as being a great age where our baby fell naturally into a nice routine, busy sightseeing during the day and napping in his pram, in the evening after bath in a designer sink, he would leave us enjoy a romantic dinner on the balcony and then feed just a bit during the night.

Some memorable long lunches in lemon orchards by the sea relaxed and cosy @ Locanda Costa Diva



A spectacular lunch in Positano at a great service boutique hotel we picked on a rainy afternoon. Hotel Sireneuse in Positano has class, stunning views, a list of wines to die for and great steaks. Very happy relaxed parents with a sleepy baby.

Amalfi with baby: Hotel Sireneuse, Positano

Amalfi with baby: Hotel Sireneuse, Positano

Villa Gianlica warmly recommended,  small and bespoke, helping us with nice takeaways every evening. Warmly recommended to new parents with small babies transitioning from the world of bespoke holidays in boutique hotels to more family friendly places.

Villa Gianlica Praiano

Villa Gianlica Praiano

For more Italian gems and roads less travelled, head to our articles on Procida and Ischia, just a ferry away.  A bit further but still for savvy travellers who’d like to escape the crowds for something less frenetic and commercially polished, head to our article on Puglia, we had a blast in here the summers of 2019 and 2022 and we have raved about Puglia best beach clubs in here.

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