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Brilliant family photographer London : Veruschka Baudo

Top notch family photographer London, Veruschka Baudo is sharing in here her background, what makes her so special , the inspiration and holidays over the years with her daughter. And of course from one of the best professional photographer in London, a mother herself and very gifted family portait photographer London, we gather also tips and tricks for a successful photo shoot. And for our beloved readers, 2 ZENPHOTO codes.

Top notch family photographer London, Veruschka Baudo

Top notch family photographer London, Veruschka Baudo

1.Intro Veruschka the woman, the mother and photographer.

I was born in a beautiful fisherman town in Italy called Gaeta, on the coast between Rome and Naples. I spent a wonderful childhood there surrounded by nature, enjoying good food and an amazing quality of life. Both my parents were very young when I was born and we travelled the world together. My father is a photographer and my mum is a writer with a very good sense of style. Our home was full of fashion magazines and art works and I was obsessed with 90’s models and fashion photographers! I’ve always been attracted to visual arts and learned how to use my dad’s camera at a young age. We’d add a top notch family photographer London, best professional photographer in London, brilliant female photographer ondon and gifted family portrait photographer London in making!

I moved to Paris in my 20’s and I lived there for 7 years, I loved the elegance of the Ville Lumiere! I’ve worked for 10+ years in a Tour Operator and I had the opportunity to travel very often. Another of my passions!

I moved back to Italy for a while and I decided to change carrier path when I and the opportunity to work for one of the best fashion photographers in the world here in London. I worked at Mario Testino’s studio for over 8 years where I’ve learned so much about photography and fashion industry and that is where my passion for photography really came to light.

During that time I also had my beautiful daughter who is now 10 years old. Juggling my office work with a young daughter and living as single mother for over a year was not easy this is the reason why I’ve decided that something had to change in my life. I’ve decided to start my own photography business to follow my passion and have more time for my daughter and also for myself. I now live in West London with my daughter, my partner, his son and our beautiful (and huge!) Italian mastiff. Outside the studio, I enjoy spending time with the family  – the kids often models for me!  travelling to Italy and the US to see family and friends, connecting and inspiring other like-minded women entrepreneurs, creatives and artists. My search for beauty and inspiration through performing and visual arts never stops and London has so much to offer in this respect!

gifted family portait photographer London

Gifted family portait photographer London, Veruschka

2. What makes Veruschka one the best family photographer London?

I think one of strongest gifts I have is the connection and I establish with the person I photograph. My goal is to make the client trust me and feel at ease, while creating memories to last for generations. I love children, I love capturing their pure beauty and I normally have a lot of fun with them during the shoot!

I always offer a phone consultation before the shoot where we go through all different ideas/styles, we discuss what to wear and I send a mood board with a few images just to give an idea of the mood of the shoot. This is so important because I get to know the family and the style they like and I can offer a truly tailor made experience to my clients.

I also give the choice between studio portraits and location packages. The studio offers a variety of sessions, including Family Portrait, Beauty, Fine Art, Maternity, New Born and Personal Branding. I also collaborate with several artists to provide additional styling and hair and make-up services.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and obsessed with the quality of my work. With studio portraits in particular I spend long hours to make sure that it’s the right light and the post production is crucial to give that timeless, elegant and ‘painterly’ look that my clients love so much and that has become my signature style. I always stress the importance of having your pictures printed and for studio packages I also offer luxurious Folio Boxes and fine Art Prints together with the digitals as a ‘photograph is not a photograph unless it’s printed’! We will soon realize that we don’t have real memories to share with our future generations if we don’t free the pictures from our phones and computers!

Outside the studio, I enjoy spending time with my family and daughter – who often models for me – travelling to Italy and the US to see family and friends, connecting and inspiring other like-minded women entrepreneurs, creatives and artists. My search for beauty and inspiration through performing and visual arts never stops and London has so much to offer in these ways!

Bali with Veruschka and her daughter - best professional photographer in London

Bali with Veruschka and her daughter

3. Veruschka’s favourite holidays over the years and what made them so special?

There are 3 special holidays that I will always remember and they are all with my daughter.

Bali – Me my daughter and my mum when to Bali for one month when my daughter was only 1 year old. It was an unforgettable experience (only a bit traumatic changing nappies on a 15 hours flight!). I loved the spirit of that beautiful island, the spirituality, the sunsets on the beach watching the surfers and the sense of freedom.

Brazil – we have been invited to a wedding in Rio when my daughter was 4 years old. We spent 2 weeks at Ipanema beach. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Nature in Brazil is spectacular and my daughter enjoyed in particular the waterfalls, the monkeys, and the parrots! The view from the Christ the Redeemer is absolutely breath-taking, I have so many amazing pictures of the view and the Christ.

New York – My father now lives in New York so we try to visit at least once a year. I love New York, the people and the energy. Times Square and the Statue of Liberty is always a must!

Rio with Veruschka and her daughter - best female photographer London

Rio with Veruschka and her daughter

4.Veruschka’s daughter favourite holiday?

My daughter loves the beach life and she loves going back to my home town in Gaeta in the summer and meet all her Italian friends every year at the same beach. But she is fascinated by New York, the city that never sleeps. She loves the shopping and the general energy of the city. She told me that one day she wants to move there to study.. why not? The World is our oyster!

5. Where does the inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from PEOPLE in general. I love observing people, faces and expressions. This is probably the reason why I became a portrait photographer. I also drew inspiration from nature (especially flowers) paintings, fashion magazines, art museums and of course, travelling.

Italy with Veruschka and her daughter, best family portrait photographer London

Italy with Veruschka and her daughter

6. How often do they go back to Italy and what are their favourite gems in there to be photographed and indulged in?

I may be biased but I think Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I love going back home 2-3 times a year to see family and friends and enjoy the amazing food.

My absolute favourite places is Italy are:

Amalfi Coast –  Positano in particular. I think it’s the most photogenic location on earth!

Puglia (Apulia) – the heel of Italy and amazing region with great beaches, incredible food and stunning locations (like the beautiful Masseries)

And of course the Art cities : Florence – Venice – Rome – Naples. For ZenBabyTravel inspiration in Italy head here. For Amalfi articles with almost newborn, check our Amalfi coast with baby. And for more on Rome with baby versus Rome with toddler, here.

My little secret paradise..  little island called Ponza between Rome and Naples. It’s like a little Capri without the tourists! I try to go there at least once a year to recharge the batteries, fill my eyes with beauty and of course take hundreds of pictures!

Photoshoot with Veruschka, professional photographer in London

Photoshoot with Veruschka, Cadogan Gardens, London Open Square Gardens

7. Photo shooting with young kids: studio or on site? Tips from Veruschka.

I love both but they are very different styles of photography. Location shoots have a lifestyle vibe, they are full of energy, more natural and spontaneous and we can enjoy the true colours of nature in a beautiful park or at the beach. This kind of shoots are easier for families with more than one young child. Children can run around and feel free so they are more manageable!

Studio shoots require more patience from the kids (and often from the parents too!), we need to have little breaks as the session is more ‘posed’ and often with studio lighting.

Photoshoot with Veruschka, family portait photographer London

Photoshoot with Veruschka, Cadogan Gardens, London Open Square Gardens

I love these sessions because I’m able to capture timeless elegant portraits of the family, as we used to do it in the past and recreate a painterly look that will stay for generations.

I suggest to bring a few snacks, schedule the shoot before or after nap time, bring a few change of clothes. Maybe a little treat as a prize if they behave well and they can also bring their favourite toy or a blanket as comfort during the shoot.

Photoshoot with Veruschka, top female photographer London

Photoshoot with Veruschka, Cadogan Gardens, London Open Square Gardens

We loved our photoshoot with Veruschka, her verve, enthusiam and her angelic patience with our cheeky monkeys.  One of the best family photographer London we came accross !  You can find Veruschka’s portfolio on her website; Instagram:veruschkabaudo_portraits; Facebook: Veruschka Baudo Portraits.

Photoshoot with Veruschka, best family photographer London

Photoshoot with Veruschka, top female photographer London

For our darling readers, we also have ZENPHOTO codes: 10% of location packages and £50 off on the session fee at studio! ENJOY!

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