Cotswolds with kids at Calcot Manor country spa retreat

Cotswolds in a nutshell: rolling hills, rural landscapes,  enchanted fields, limestone houses. Escape to the Cotswolds with kids is deeply therapeutical after any urban madness, especially London and we identified one awesome base in Calcot Manor country spa retreat.

Escape to the Cotswolds : Calcot Manor country spa retreat

Calcot Manor country spa retreat

Occasion: ‘surprise’ birthday minibreak.

Pitch: sold to mum as a relaxing getaway.

Calcot Manor - our cottage

Calcot Manor – our cottage

Child/ toddler age: 21 months.

Execution: Calcot Manor. Mr and Mrs Smith family inspired collection, guaranteeing us not only the best price but also a nice personal touch with welcome champagne cocktails.

Calcot Manor main bedroom

Executed version Cotswolds with kids: very active occasionally charming and physical outdoorsy escape. Activities specifically: safari ticked,  petting animals ticked,  bicycle riding with 15 kilos of a little boy attached ticked, up and down the hills ticked, Peppa Pig 6am ticked, swimming and splashing with little things ticked, running around the manor and playing with all the games, books and arty objects (auch !) ticked.Calcot Manor with kids (restaurant)

Cotswolds with kids - biking around Calcot Manor

Cotswolds with kids – biking around Calcot Manor

Birthday celebration: mum’s moments to be counted on one hand, therefore feeling even more special – dad is this a strategy? 😉 15 minutes of outdoors jacuzzi,  20 minutes of reading Alain de Botton in front of our charming cottage; 20 minutes aroma therapy bath; 30 minutes sipping local cider seeing sunset from crisp bedsheets.

Calcot Manor books - Alain de Botton

Areas of improvement: difficult to find much for Calcot Manor country spa retreat. Nursery is great and the props are numerous. The personnel is friendly and comes across very well trained.  Kids kit is impressive, including bath toys, books, colouring set, their own toiletries and bathrobes – first class for little ones included. Real areas of improvement for the parents though: book massage earlier rather than impromptu and stick longer to the Manor’s baby & toddler services.

Calcot Manor with kids

Next year birthday resolution: I book ahead massages and spa day at Calcot Manor; spend a bit less time with my lovely boys and more time with my neglected self. Who knows, next time round maybe after an escape to  Cotswolds with kids I’ll have the energy to actually go to Heston Blumenthal rather than just book it 3 months in advance and then cancel it ?

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  1. Shame you didn’t get to Heston’s but sounds like you managed a little respite! Massages are always a good idea for weary mums! #CULTUREDKIDS

  2. Having just come back from a week’s skiing where I literally had NO time to myself, I feel like booking myself in to Calcot Country Spa right this minute, it looks amazing!! #CulturedKids

    • Oh our secret for skiing hols is putting both kids in ski schools and creches and having full days to ski and apres ski – bit selfish but more enjoyable for all parties afterall …;) And there’s still time for dinner and breakfast with the kiddies…

  3. Ahh you’ve reminded me of exactly what life is like with little ones, when you measure your time to yourself in precious minutes! Sounds like Calcot Manor was just what was needed!

  4. This sounds idyllic, with or without massage. Just the time to read a book would be good! #CulturedKids

  5. They have their own nursery? And you had some (small pockets of) time to yourself? Sold! #CulturedKids

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