The melting clock and Kangaroo Island

‘ No changing of place at 100 miles an hour will make us one whit stronger,  happier or wiser. There was always more in the world that men could see; they will see it no better for going fast. The really precious things are thought and sight, not pace. ‘ John Ruskin


About 3 years ago the urge in my life became slowing down. No longer consumed by curiosity and the urge of a mad pace, I wanted the time to elongate and expand. About 2.5 years ago, when pregnant, I bought a melting clock precisely for this purpose. Melting clock Installed into our son’s room, it did its job. A glorious pregnancy travelling at leisure followed by one year of travelling around with little one. Few months ago my son placed the Dali clock in the washing machine and my other half put it on without paying attention. As one could easily anticipate, the melting clock did not survive the trick. Coincidentally or not, neither my leisure pace once fully immersed again in a full time job, motherhood and a busy social life.

So now occasionally my treat is to spend some time with myself. A privilege as any parent appreciates. Given the circumstances and absence of a melting clock, I’m travelling back to places & states of mind. And there’s one good journey that takes me to a 2 weeks sabbatical spent in Kangaroo Island. Two weeks where the clock elongated and time has been kind on me; in Hanson Bay. Two weeks where I must have enjoyed my pregnancy most.

Aside the Remarkable Rocks so hauntingly reminiscent of  Dali’s surreal take on life, Kangaroo Island is a place where the kangaroo & wallabies numbers exceed the humans. Which is a great start to anybody commuting in London or living in such urban wonderful madness. Volunteering in a wildlife centre another great thing, as the days had purpose and some structure but interactions were really up to you.

_IGP7641A break from myself, a holiday from my life._IGP7363

The beach was pristine and humans rarely around. Besides my fellow volunteers,  I once talked to abalone fishermen.

Adopted by kangaroos, the dusk felt magic. _IGP7327

The nights were dark and the sky dense with stars alive and present._IGP7586

Enchanted times on a far away enchanted island.


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  1. That photo of you with the kangaroos is so cool. Question, is it scary to be near them? I have read many stories of kangaroos attacking people (at least lately). #TPThursday

    • Hey Ruth! Kangaroos in the wildlife sanctuary were super sweet and cuddly! But bear in mind on Kangaroo island are smaller, I spent 2 weeks around them and some of them they were orphaned babies – so effectively grew up around humans. Rufus was my crush/ love at first sight – 1.5 years old – so sweet and cheeky! I was pregnant about 20 weeks at the time and now my eldest reminds me quite a bit of him 😂 thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a beautiful place!! I can imagine you feeling totally relaxed there. #TravelPhotoThursday

  3. What a lovely place for a sabbatical! We hope to get there one day.

  4. That’s a great photo of you surrounded by the kangaroos. I also stayed at Hanson Bay when we visited Kangaroo Island. The serenity I felt there is one of my cherished memories of our visit to Australia. Too bad about your Dali clock as I rather liked it.

  5. That’s so cool, very happy to hear your experience was serene – the place is rather magic! Hoping to go back with the boys!

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