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Melbourne babymoon – out and about, 19 weeks pregnant

After 2 weeks into the wild on Kangaroo Island, Melbourne babymoon looked very appealing given the number of cool boltholes and gastropubs. And even more appealing was our Airbnb host and her delightful house 3 minutes by the harbour & the beach. Linda’s house, one of the most beautiful Airbnb properties we stayed in 6 years, has charm, cool design & personality, a lovely dog called Buddy and one chatty host delighted to have you around and going the extra mile for her guests.

We celebrated with Linda her birthday with her friends, learnt about the latest restaurants and places to be, have been invited to dinners to other friends of friends and even got my Cirque de Soleil Ovo tickets printed.

Melbourne has a cool European vibe, outgoing crowd and blokes which buy pints even to pregnant ladies. The races were also on, we spent in there one absorbed afternoon.

A babymoon doesn’t always have to be with your other half – I travelled with a high school friend and trouble maker. Both of us highly sociable so we went along Irish people celebrating St Patrick’s day in urban places, later to their homes for more drinks and views to die for. Another entertaining evening we spent out this time round with Ozzie blokes buying drinks & keen to share their love of Europe, European roots and travelling.

My friend and I both loved Melbourne and its different neighbourhoods, from Brighton beach with the colourful huts, to residential low profile cubic villas by the coast, to the downtown and its old-fashioned tram and its City version by the river – the CBD (Central Business District), to the Hamptons &  Immigration museum. For a couple of days we rented a car, the rest we walked around, trammed it & cabbed it.

We could not fault the weather, vibe, places, cultural events, the service, food or views; we spent a wonderful week going round places.SAM_3878

The only downside for an expecting mother is of course going very light/ read skip the beer and the amazing wine or perhaps just few sips in moderation.

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