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Itchy feet stuck in London. Remedies & distractions.

36 weeks pregnant with a toddler used by now to travel more or less on monthly basis. What are 3 pairs of itchy feet meant to do for a couple of months whilst stuck in London?

Planning next travels may be one therapy for mum. So we lined up Ritz Tenerife for mid May, Sani Halkidiki mid June and travelling around Romania end July to August.

Toddler though, less impressed with the planning, focused more on immediate realities. Recent quotes: Airport please, no nursery. Beach please. Train train, plane plane. No go home, go hotel please. Arghhh. Uhhh.

So we tested & liked magic carpet travelling. National Galleries, Sunday morning storytelling sessions at 10:30 and 11:30. Raphael was so into Claude and Psyche and Cupid story, that he talked for 1 week about pretty Psyche waiting by the castle, wind blowing and the sea. Amusing to say the least.

For the love of airports & flying, we found the Royal Airforce Museum. Interactive, fun and huge, it keeps our toddler very entertained and happy. The Battle of Britain Hall was our first stop, one little man went into the very planes that fought for supremacy over the Channel.

Marine craft collection outside also fascinating but less interactive.

The Milestones of Flight also great to run around and magic : from the early pioneer days – up to our times of flying and jet engines.

The Aeronauts Interactive Centre is the icing on the cake: a hands on flight centre with lots and lots of exhibits to help discover how aircrafts fly. Helicopters, gliders, planes and so much more.

Southbank, Thames & around. Imagine festival, singing elevators, carousels and boats have been few other distractions. Who said a 36 weeks pregnant mum can’t go up & down, round & round, horsey horsey ????

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