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Peter Rabbit birthday party @ Willows activity farm

This week-end we were very lucky to be invited to Peter Rabbit birthday party – the very first anniversary of his playground at the Willows Activity Farm.

It’s been a pleasure to get to see Peter, Benjamin and Lily at the show, sing and dance with them and hug them all on stage later.

The party lunch has been a proper feast: bunny shaped sandwiches, lots of canapés, carrot shaped biscuits, radishes, vegetables & fruits and a gorgeous birthday cake! Willows activity farm guys exceeded any expectations we had – little party bags and balloons plus some delicious grown up choices. We all felt spoiled!

Willows farm is as great as ever, fun packed and mesmerising for little people.

For us it felt even more fun than last year – with the two monkeys more grown up to enjoy even more stuff – especially for baby, who is now getting close to 1 year old rather than his last visit when he was barely 3 days.

The eldest has been thrilled to feed the horses, lama, goats, hold and cuddle the guinea pig, milk the cow, do the the Peter Rabbit puzzle.

The day is literally not long enough to tick all the attractions. Peter Rabbit playground is as gorgeous as last year – amazingly well kept given the amount of children which are enjoying so much every day. On this occasion we also finally managed a ride with Tristan the Runaway Tractor, the little ones loved the little trip around, the uneven grounds and swampy hole adventure as well as the songs.

We spent of course lots of time at the bouncy haystacks, leaping Lily pad trampolines, the big dig sand & water play, the young drivers zone and funfair.

Friends from Kensington joined us – we all had a brilliant day out, spring almost here and sun shining.

Many thanks again to Willows Activity Farm for the best birthday party we had in a long time! To many more years Peter Rabbit, shows and visits at the farm & playground! For other childrens farms near London, we dedicated articles to Godstone, Hatfield and Odds in here.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to the Willows Activity Farm for complimentary passes and anniversary lunch & party. Impressions, photos & over excited kids my own.

4 comments on “Peter Rabbit birthday party @ Willows activity farm

  1. WanderMum
    March 18, 2017

    It was such a great day out, wasn’t it, and a delight to meet you and your gorgeous family! X

    • Zen Babytravel
      March 18, 2017

      Indeed and likewise!!! Very nice to meet you all 😉 Greetings from wet grey Paris! X

      • WanderMum
        March 18, 2017

        Oh, enjoy!! X

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