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Day out Dyrham Park Gloucestershire

An hour and 45 minutes drive from London, Dyrham Park Gloucestershire was the perfect stop on our way to Cornwall, right after the baby’s morning beauty nap.

We had the loveliest welcome with the deer herd just by the entrance. We took the pram , the scooter and the kids, and headed first to the Old Lodge play area. Cute and so well integrated, the natural playground includes a small farm, equipped with tractors all sorts of sizes, logs and structures to be climbed and jumped on. Plants, flowers and trees blooming everywhere, in April’s sun a pure delight.

The boys spent 45 minutes playing and testing, thereafter I took the baby to explore a bit further the grounds.

It’s very hilly so for the descent to the house and gardens, some of us smartly stuck to the bus route, whilst some others – me and my eldest done a hill rolling competition and ended up slightly soaked- the lovely morning dew but wet nevertheless.

Day out Dyrham Park: the entryAfter some hide and seek in majestic old trees by the Stable Courtyard, we found our perfect picnic spot by the watergardens and the pools. The landscapes and weather couldn’t be more inviting to zen, but our boys were far too distracted to eat properly.

Day out Dyrham Park: pond and gardens

So more monkey business, jumping, running, hopping and eventually few bites and we concluded lunch.

Few dandelions and daffodils after, some of us headed for an icecream, baby and I to the house. Magnificent and huge ceilings in the Great Hall, we even found wigs to play with – to the amusement of the baby.

17th century gems collection in Mr Blatwayt’s house, with tours and very helpful knowledgeable staff- typical of National Trust – felt very spoilt. Upstairs don’t forget to soak in the views of the gardens.

Rather than waiting for the bus to parking and back to entrance, we opted for a walk back – felt funnily hot in April sun. Occasionally quite steep, so it was great to have tic tacs and gummy bears to bribe a young man tired after so much playing.

A brilliant stop enjoyed by all of us and certainly a place to have an amazing day out! There’s tours to find the deers in the vast 270 acres of ancient parkland and talks about the gardens and plants, history and the house. Another National Trust gem and I’d certainly put in on their Must do’s and see’s before 11 3/4.

PS: Many thanks to Dyrham Park Gloucestershire and National Trust for the complimentary passes. Pictures, monkey business and opinions entirely ours.

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