Travelling with a baby

Day out Cornwall: Eden project

IMGP4062A marvellous, gigantic scale, inspirational project. On my wishlist since 2009,  when we first discovered and fell in love with Cornwall.

The thing I questioned though it was if a 1 and 3.5 years old will get to enjoy. The answer was a big YES. Baby usually goes with the flow but the real critic – R loved it!


The huge crater hosting the project, the jungle, the canopy walkway, the house in the rainforest biome where you get to cook and see how people at Tropics are living, the flowers, tractors and alleys of the Mediterranean biome, the outdoor gardens and the core, it’s all interactive and even at 3.5 years they get very engaged and completely fascinated by the stories and environments Eden project recreates.

I loved it and couldn’t stop raving about, the project, planning and execution is truly amazing. The scale is huge, the educational value likewise, the design is visionary and so well integrated.

We took the pram and scooter (the latter by mistake); there’s options including cute tractor running up and down; elevators and alleys well paved for prams. We took the alleys down, a very enjoyable 10 minutes descent. Headed first to the Mediterranean biome – the colours and scents this time of the year were out of this world.

And in Eden microclimate, an April sunny day feels like proper summer. That nice breezy morning in Greece where you passed a tavern blooming flowers everywhere.

My 3 top picks Mediterranean biome in here: grapes, Dionysus philosophical question on balance and olives 😉

Lots of activities organised for kids, storytime included, but ours were keen on exploring.

So we headed to the rainforest biome, the largest in captivity. It gets really tropical humidity and degrees wise, have spent an hour with R walking around bridges, waterfalls and plants in our tshirts. We talked thunders, lightening, balance between wild places and crops. The canopy walkway has been as expected a huge hit and ran around few times. Delicious lunch back at the Mediterranean biome and its gorgeous terrace, great food and thereafter some great icecream. We headed after to the outdoors gardens – it’s hard to believe in here years ago was all barren!

It’s now stunning and playful, we enjoyed the plants, the colours and the interactivity!


PS: Many thanks to Eden project for the complimentary passes. Pictures, monkey business and great day out enthusiasm entirely ours.


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