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Best places along the Thames: Cliveden Reach, Cliveden Astor Grill & National Trust

Cliveden House and National Trust Gardens have been a favourite day trip from London and one of the best places along the Thames that we discovered in our 18 years of exploring. Cliveden Reach and the area between Boulders and Lockham locks is one the prettiest spots on Thames. Lunch at Cliveden is also awesome in terms of options, from Michelin star quality Andre Garrett to the alfresco chic Cliveden Astor Grill, exquisite picnics with champagne on Cliveden boat should you be on a splurge or simply picnic by the river with prosecco or National Trust Cafe.

This summer with temperatures soaring about 25 degrees Cliveden Reach has been also a favourite retreat for sailing on Thames with National Trust – a cute and small size boat in a circular route between Boulders and Lockham locks; rowing by yourself, canoeing or simply wild swimming.

Drive from London: between 30-45 minutes from Kensington traffic depending.

Best places along the Thames

Cliveden Reach

Park either:

(i) National Trust if you go for the wonderful gardens, maze, playground, NT cafe and Cliveden Reach day out.

(ii) Cliveden House and restaurant if you booked Andre Garrett or Cliveden Astor Grill. Or if you are in for a proper treat, spend the day at the spa or night with Cliveden hotel (like the royals the night before getting hitched).

Cliveden Astor Grill

Cliveden Astor Grill

Why adults love it:

What’s not to love in those expansive grounds impossible to exhaust in a one day trip, from manicured gardens with lots of flowers; Tortoise fountain overlooking Thames; relaxing boat trips sipping bubbles by best places along the Thames or simply sitting by the river or in the shades of the trees, watching the kids playing and running around.

Why kids are very fond of:

Countryside exploration, river walks, fish and birds to be observed, tones of pretty grounds to run around, hills rolling competition, boats to be rowed by best places along the Thames, wild swimming are just a few of the summer highlights.

Our favourite months to visit Cliveden:

The flowers

We love Cliveden pretty much in any season and whilst the grownups indulge in the exquisite gastronomy, the kids love seeing you this manor with so much intriguing history and speculate about ghosts and the ancient objects. In spring and autumn we make time for the Maze and Playground, whilst in the hot days of summer, we descend by the Thames, jump on a boat, splash around and swim.

Cliveden Reach

Cliveden Reach & Thames boat tide

The cost of a day trip to Cliveden:

For National Trust members this could be easily almost a free day out – just bring your picnic! If you are fond of gourmet meals like us but still want to be sensible, we found the market lunch glorious and amazing value for money at £36 for 3 dishes.

We also found Cliveden Astor Grill good value for money and the gorgeous setting attracting a very fashionable crowd! Should kids not be on their best behaviour or you forgot to book few days in advance, NT cafe on the other side is also cute and has some good options, craft beer, cider and prosecco included, good choice of icecreams and organic home made dishes. If you are in for a proper treat, book Cliveden vintage boat and go for a river champagne picnic – it’s difficult to beat it on hot weather!


Wild swimming, one of the best places along the Thames:

Swimming in Thames has been a dream of mine for a while. And in the past Roman, noblemen and children made most of this waterway. These days it’s pretty much reserved for athletes. Having seen few swimmers though on our boat trips last few weeks, was very keen to try it ourselves. This is not your sterile chloride pool environment but a vibrant happy river with fish, leaves, brunches and mud. In my childhood the mighty Danube fascinated me and I tested with my uncle its shallow bits. Cliveden Reach waters are less temperamental than the Danube and in August heat a delight to splash in. Our 2 years old also loved them and wouldn’t get out – if at the pool he’s clingy, in here he was having the time of his life chasing fish and leaves. The 4 years old who is a confident swimmer already less so, but then I didn’t propose swimming with me too far from shores.

Would you take the plunge? Or settle for that breezy boat trip or stay for a classy al fresco lunch? And preferences regardless, we wish you a happy Zen summer all!

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  1. wunderhead
    August 10, 2018

    My Aunt & Uncle got married at Cliveden, it’s such a beautiful place!

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