Romanian wine regions – retreat at best of Romanian wineries : Ceptura Dealu Mare

Why just visit the picturesque Romanian wine regions when you can spend the night in one of the best Romanian wineries? Ceptura Dealu Mare region has many delightful wine cellars and wine tasting opportunities, but one place has charmed all our senses to the level we have been used in our European wanderings at world class wineries such as Tuscany, Bordeaux or Sicily. It’s called Vinalia Conacul Ceptura, a mansion beautifully restored with care, that will take your wine country getaway to the next level.

First time we arrived at Vinalia Ceptura Mansion for a late lunch from our way from Brasov to Bucharest. A very hot day, typical of August summers in the south of Romania. But 35 degrees feel gentle though by the vineyards and with few glasses of Feteasca Neagra (for red addicts like me after tanin and a full body) one feels gloriously joyous and alive.


My other half indulged into crispy whites, all over a delicious lunch with lamb chops and ribs. The kids devoured the Romanian thin sausages and of course the papanasi (Romanian sweet dumplings with cream and jam).

Retreat in the Romanian wine regions: Ceptura Dealu Mare restaurant

Retreat in the Romanian wine regions: Ceptura Dealu Mare restaurant

We couldn’t leave the best of Romanian wine regions without splashing in the pool and wanderings in the vineyard, spotting wild fluffy rabbits and picking few grapes.

We felt in love and promised ourselves to go back very shortly to this glorious pied a terre in the Romanian wineries, spend the night and enjoy properly. So in precisely 6 days we were back with friends.


Perfect for long weekend breaks, 8 adorable rooms are available at Vinalia Ceptura mansion with expansive views over the vineyards: Tamaioasa (white and aromatic) grapes lie just in front of the restaurant and the mansion; Merlot, Cabernet and Feteasca Neagra up in the green rolling hills on the opposite side of the entrance. The feel is rustic chic and with many quaint charming finishes.

We took over 3 rooms on this occasion and all parties were in love.

We arrived similarly for a late lunch, on this occasion we indulged into exquisite aubergine (a delicious Romanian version of melanzana parmigiana with local cheese, garlic and cherry tomatoes); goose local pate and creamy mushroom chicken.

More bottles of Ceptura Feteasca Neagra flowed over lunch, afternoon and dinner – a joyous relaxing day spent with friends by vineyards and the pool, whilst kids ran around, played basket ball, darts, archery and pool, picked grapes and peaches, played hide and seek and of course splashed in the pool.

Bicycles are around at Vinalia Ceptura Mansion and I could not help myself to grab one myself for a short ride in the countryside to soak in more therapeutically green rolling hills. There are horses nearby and at Vinalia Ceptura Mansion there’s a friendly huge dog, beautiful roosters, turkeys, geese and chickens.

Vinalia Ceptura Mansion

The sunset is magic, by the pool, in the vineyards or by the wine pressing ancient tools in the garden.

All parties had such an amazing time that we also gave the kids a break from their usual 8:30/9pm bedtime time and allowed them to play longer in the evening and take in the wanders of the Romanian wine regions. They loved it and by 10pm declared content to stargaze with us and stare at the beautiful full moon by loungers (you guessed, the grown ups sipping more wine!).

Ceptura Feteasca Neagra

Ceptura Feteasca Neagra

Ceptura Feteasca Neagra (my favourites) come in relatively small precious supplies – 40,000 bottles or 2016 edition and even less for 2014. I loved both years of Ceptura Feteasca Neagra and bought to further indulge on our Bucharest trip.

We slept well at Vinalia Ceptura Mansion; the rooms are chic and functional, with many wine related and Romanian wineries features, just like the hotel and the restaurant. One can feel the refreshing proximity of thecountryside with the birds singing and chickens waking up with the daylight. The breakfast was yum, freshly squeezed orange juice, grape juice, freshly baked croissants and pains au chocolats, Romanian feta cheese like and sausages.

One more splash in the pool to wrap up a beautiful summer and we headed to the airport – just over an hour drive from Otopeni and worlds apart Bucharest fast paced life. For more on Romania travel check our post on Road trip Romania : 10 days itinerary.  Vinalia mansion and Ceptura Dealu Mare, we will be back!


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  1. Wow looks amazing! Not somewhere I’d think of for wineries but I’ll definitely look up now! Thanks for sharing

  2. I didn’t even know Romania had a wine-region, and this looks like the perfect way to explore it…especially since you don’t have to drive home at the end of the night! #fearlessfamtrav

  3. Indeed Kyla, the perfect way to indulge 😉

  4. What a fabulous looking place! I love staying on vineyards and farms, the food is always amazing. I’ve travelled through quite a bit of Romania but it was about 10 years ago now so I expect a lot has changed, I’ll have to consider another trip there! #Fearlessfamtrav

  5. Staying overnight means no nominated driver – genius! Although I actually had no idea Romania even had wine regions. This place looks utterly divine!

    Thanks for linking up to #fearlessfamtrav

  6. This looks like an absolutely laidback place for a family trip. Checking out your Romania road trip.

  7. That looks stunning, bookmarked in our Romania file. #CulturedKids

  8. I didn’t know about the Romanian wines! Certainly looks picturesque. #culturedkids

  9. I’ve been thinking for a while to book a trip to Romania. Now you’ve added a vineyard stay to the mix. I’m not going to be able to resist #CulturedKids

  10. I do not drink wine but the place looks lovely! Pretty pictures 🙂

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