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Bucharest with kids – a week and a bit

End of July and August mostly translate to scorching temperatures in Bucharest. Hence not the most obvious destination with small little monkeys. But somehow it worked for us really well. Spending the day at kids and parents friendly swimming pools and parks and drinking and catching up with friends the evenings and the nights. Tough life as 7am to 8pm parents need to entertain the little ones and structure evening sleep so that the little monkeys sleep and could be left with sitters or grandparents !


One swimming pool where we went quite religiously as food, wines and aperols were brilliant was Pescariu Sports & Spa. Very relaxing as the little ones can splash next to you in a small pool, go on various slides and play with the fountains in the shallow bits of the big pool. Food gets served on sunchairs and waiters were quite nice – it does not get better than that. The right number of kids as well so one does not feel at a kindergarden (our main concern in some kid friendly resorts); just enough to play with each others and leave the grownups to their drinks ;). We paid as well a visit to Daimon but did not stay as we were not convinced. At Daimon softplay area was on a different side of pool – so one adult was supposed to supervise one little man not necessarily sunbathing in peace; limited food served by the pool – precisely just pizza with the rest just served at the table; and not enough kids friendly facilities as at Pescariu (no sand area, no toys, no slides, no little pool more precisely). So why change something working so well? Off we went back to Pescariu!


One thing our almost 3 years old missed a lot in our 4 weeks holiday were London museums. So after almost 3 weeks in Brasov and not many museums around, he was very keen on Antipa and National Geology Museum. So off we went one rainy morning. Good renovation efforts and nice facilities at Antipa, but for a kiddo used to Natural History Museum South Kensington, a 30 minutes visit would be sufficient. Also Geology museum nice but lacking all the interactive features of the volcanoes, natural forces and so on – so similarly 20 minutes will do. Nice shady playground next door in Kiseleff – so all in all a very good day.


Back to pools and lazing around – as much (read little) as little people allow; we also tested and really liked the Terme. Great facilities and chilling at The Palm, decent cocktails at the pool bar, a cool massage on the water beds and a nice lunch. All parties were very happy – trouble is the kids have to be under 3 years old for The Palm. Above that age, there’s only Galaxy , which is rather noisy and very crowded. Our friends had to go there – not entirely sure they relaxed and appreciated as much as we did.


Restaurant wise with kids in Bucharest we only managed Chez Marie Garden and 18 Lounge. The first has ok food, a nice terrace and one cool soft playarea for kids – parents could enjoy dinner in front of the offsprings playing nicely or boisterously depending on personality and luck 🙂 18 lounge has gorgeous food – the best we had in a month in Romania; probably even in a good space for claiming a Michelin star. The wine list is also great, we had two superb wines over dinner. Added bonus: kids eat free on Sundays ! Warmly recommending it!


So all in all a wonderful relaxed 1 week and bit stay; surely a 2 beds spacious flat with 2 huge terraces and toys plus great neighbour friends helped. And great to catch up with all our Bucharest friends and enjoy the proper summer nights out 😉


Looking forward to going back already next summer! 

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