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Tower of London ice rink : iconic landmarks & winter fun

Beefeters on ice, crown jewels next door, long history of torture and imprisonment and a cool rinkside bar are the highlights of Tower of London ice rink! Our friends and regular honorary contributors Laura and David kicked off their Christmas celebrations by taking their almost four year old daughter ice skating at Tower of London.  And here are their impressions; unlike Guy Fawkes, their stay was great fun!

Tower of London ice rink
Tower of London ice rink

We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location for our daughter’s second attempt at ice skating ! Freya was suitably impressed as were mummy and daddy!

We arrived relatively early given it was a schoolnight and therefore early bedtime – greeted by a wonderful choir singing festive songs, including one of Freya’s favourites: the theme song from Frozen.  We listened for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful lightshow reflected on the walls of the ancient towers and then made our way into the ice skating rink to get fitted with our kit. 

Everyone we met was incredibly friendly and helpful given that Freya was one of the youngest ice skaters around and she was fussed over from beginning till end.  Instead of getting her traditional ice skates, which were a tad big for her, we chose someparallel blades that went over her shoes and made her a lot more stable onice.  She was extremely pleased to be able to stand up without too much help from mummy and daddy and took some tentative few steps without the penguin.

Once we all warmed up, she (and we) really got intothe spirit of things and was whizzing around the rink with her penguin, pushed along by either me or her daddy and demanding to go faster! 

The evening passed in a blur with us enjoying thebeautiful sights and lights of the City of London around us and imagining thebanquets the kings must have held in the tower behind us.  The contrast truly is phenomenal and if youlove the Tower of London during daytime, then ice skating at the Tower really is highly recommended. 

The rink itself is larger than average and in great condition and if you want to warm up afterwards or just enjoy watching other people on the ice, there is also a lovely little café serving the usual Christmas fare including yummy hot chocolate, mulled wine, gin and tonics andthe like.  Freya particularly enjoyed herhot chocolate with marshmallows after almost an hour laughing, squealing and generally enjoying the ice.

If you are worried about taking your child iceskating- please don’t be!  There were loads of penguins and the staff were helpful and very well trained so they will make sure little skaters are well looked after. Gliding on ice is such a lovely feeling and something you don’t forget (much like riding a bike) and such an important part of what makes Christmas special.  Whilst we may not be lifting the Dancing on Ice trophy any time soon, it was an amazing experience that weare looking forward to repeating again. And even though we tried (mostly in our child free days) other iceskating rinks in London, I can say hand on heart, that ice skating at Tower of London was a truly one of a kind experience!

For more iceskating at historical palaces, check our article on Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink.  For more winter family fun in London, we have a full article on Christmas in London with kids. For a dedicated article on Tower of London with young kids, head here. For more ice skating open all year around, head to our dedicated post on funky Queens Skate Bowl Dine and stunning Alexandra Palace Ice Rink.

PS: We were invited to the Press evening of Tower of London ice rink and our friends had a blast.  Impressions and pics entirely theirs.

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