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Chessington for kids – great day out for adrenalin seekers

As our house swims in toys and games and I couldn’t bear another piece of plastic to lie around, I opted for an experience birthday present for the 3 years old, in consultation with his the 5 years old brother. Chessington World of Adventure ticked in principle many of our second child likes and hobbies, including animals to be petted and fed; soft play indoors and outdoors; rides and nice green spaces for running around. And pleased to confirm that Chessington for kids went down a treat, best of gifts for 3 year old boy – they even said!

A convenient 45 minutes drive from Kensington, Chessington World of Adventures is an oasis of adrenalin and fun for small and big adventurers alike.

We started with the kids zoo – the kids fed and cuddled goats and sheep. Monkeys and penguins on the way, got also the kiddies enthusiasm. The Gruffalo show kept the 3 years old mesmerised – some serious singing and dancing on stage and next to the Treetop Hoppers . The Canopy Capers were so much fun including observing the thriller seekers of the Dragon Fury – ‘OH DEAR! OH OH’ said the almost 3 years old while looking and hearing the screams from the roller coaster.

And once the kiddies discovered the rides, it was difficult to do anything else!

Chessington toddler rides

The rides at Chessington are restricted by height with a range from 0.9m to 1.4m, but there’s so much for everyone! A smart plan is to measure the kids at home, download Chessingon app, make a plan where they’d love to ride and select on the day the order depending on the queue times.

Our 5 years old adored the Scorpion Express and the Monkey Swinger. The almost 3 years old went twice on the Jungle Bus and loved the Griffin’s Galleon . We managed to also squeeze in also the Sea Dragons,  carousel, the Temple of Mayhem, the Dragon’s PlayHouse, Adventure Tree – Chessington for kids is so vast and with seriously exciting options.  Impossible to exhaust in one day!

We promised to go back to experience the Vampire, ThombRaider and potentially the Dragon’s fury (my heart she says!). Will keep you posted and keep on updating the post as we discover more, but if you wonder like many parents if Chessington for kids makes sense, it truly does, a wonderful outing out!

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Disclosure: we have been guests of  Chessington World of Adventure for the day; pics and overexcited kids entirely ours.

7 comments on “Chessington for kids – great day out for adrenalin seekers

  1. Amy
    April 5, 2019

    Great post! I have just bought Merlin passes so this has give me inspiration for our first outing!x

  2. mumwhatelse
    June 1, 2019

    This sounds a great idea for my 3 years old to be! thanks for the tip!

    • Zen Babytravel
      June 1, 2019

      Oh yes, big day and a blast! Best day ever they said 😉

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