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Kids birthday parties London – back on the menu ?

Hurray kids birthday parties London are back on the menu in this rollercoaster year of 2020, even if the format and families preferences have changed!

Kids birthday parties London

Kids birthday parties London with Oxygen and MyLittlePartyUK

Planning, ever changing guidance about numbers and socialising, over excited children, and limitations within 2020 unique scene can be made super simple with My little party UK. They do all the hard work for you, hand-pick the best: from magic to sports, to princesses and kids discos, to science all is covered; cake and catering, venues and party supplies.

We luckily managed to squeeze end of August the 7 years old party without number restrictions, they were super keen to return to Oxygen which has been open again since July, all with new health and safety norms plus rigorous training. 15 super excited children between ages of 2-9 years old jumped frenetically and happily for an hour and thereafter heading for a Private Room, blue and freshly painted, spacious and nicely managed.

It has been a super lucky choice as the English weather is terribly unpredictable and that end of August day has ended up with few showers! There’s Classic package or Jumptastic, we opted for a hybrid version. It felt sensible in terms of celebrations and so joyous to see friends and kids jumping ecstatically! 1 hour of freejumping, socks for all kiddies, 1 hour of Magic with Professor Palmermoff, hot pizza with vegetarian options, slushies and birthday cupcakes.

Kids birthday parties London with Oxygen and My Little Party UK

Kids birthday parties London with Oxygen and My Little Party UK

Professor Palmermoff has entertained through 1000’s of shows in an illustrious show business career. He came from a large family of musicians and performing is in his genes: his early career he played Boogie woogie piano in a 9 piece rockin Rhythm and blues, jump jive, early soul good time dance band called the Jivin instructors who travelled the country from 1985-97 performing 100’s of gigs. He also performed in little comic busking bands and the best known of these called The Cosmic Sausages still perform to this day after a 30 year illustrious career. The Professor Palmermoff Magic has been around for 20 years and his record so far includes 1200 children’s parties as well as adults parties. We adored it, his sense of mischief is ageless and contagious.

Private and communal gardens are the elegant solution to birthday parties for kids in London with alfresco social distancing, but with younger kids staying within 1m will ultimately remain a challenge.

GoApe is another favourite of ours and we had a blast at Black Park mid July with TreeTop Adventure+, exhilarating between high wobbly bridges, fisherman traps and 80m zipline.Β My kids also dream about the return to Chessington or Legoland and of course a birthday would be the perfect treat for birthday parties for kids in London. Have you been in 2020 and does it feel safe enough?

With new guidance from September 14th many of My Little Party UK providers are offering scaled down kids birthday parties in London and UK, to 6 children or “Virtual Parties” , including Zoom with your favourite party characters and pre-recorded birthday messages.

A family birthday party London dining out is another option. This summer Jurema’s terrace has been a favourite. Buddha Bar is great for sushi addicts and Battersea Power Station has lots of cool options by the river. A 30 minutes drive from Kensington, we also adore Coworth Park for afternoon tea or Sunday lunch celebrations, the food is always great and we love Carol Peace art spread around the stunning grounds.

Talking Thames and fun outings in the family or kids birthday parties London in small numbers Go Boat London is a fantastic option for your picnic and bubbles at leisure with boating by the canals or Kingston waterways.

How did 2020 change your kids birthday party London and celebrations?

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Go Ape and Go Boat London invites, My little Party for complimentary magic session with Professor Palmermoff and to Oxygen for complimentary slushies – all kiddies had a blast! Professor Palmermoff also charmed off all mothers with cheeky jokes and performance whilst the kids were busy jumping ! Cheers to some return to normality and socialising, we miss it so much!

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