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Best places to stay in Ibiza: Can Toni Xumeu

Where to stay in Ibiza ? Here’s our verdict and highlights over the last 15 years : (i) Can Toni Xumeu, inland from Cala Llonga and 12 km away from Ibiza old town, a rural luxurious paradise and authentic Ibiza. We reckon it’s one of the best places to stay in Ibiza away from the party, ideal for couples or families who’d like to chill.

(ii) Ibiza old city for history, pretty cobbled streets, the walled citadel of Dalt Vila, teeming with art galleries, wine bars and restaurants. It’s perfect for girls week-end getaway given proximity to the lively port, Lio and Pacha!

(iii) Around Calla Tarida we reckon is perfect for Ibiza for families, stunning sandy beaches – we wrote about the area and our blast with the kids and friends in here.

(iv) Hacienda Na Xamena in the North for dramatic shore, spa with hanging pools and thermal waters, luxury, chill out and fine dining.

And will continue the article with Can Toni Xumeu, where Ibizan countryside meets understated luxury, impeccable aesthetic and therapeutic colour schemes. Opened barely 7 weeks ago, this gorgeous finca feels more like a sophisticated private resort than a boutique hotel, a place where luxury whispers, rather than shouts.

The white of the villas and warm beige tones are punctuated by the evergreens and the crisp turquoise of the pool, tying everything together with tones of zen.

For us it’s been the perfect pied a terre between the mad parties and the fun gatherings with our friends. And in 4 days we had a proper marathon at Pacha, Amante, Nassau Beach Club, Lio, Ushuaia, Hard Rock and Blue Marlin.

And as amazing and joyous it gets, we loved the resting moments and peaceful retreat in the nature at Can Toni Xumeu. A rural pampering oasis with warm staff – much appreciated and needed to recharge batteries.

A finca dated from 1859 and recently refurbished to perfection : wooden beams above are authentic, the cupboards and discrete decorations with the local pottery charming, Bulgari products in the bathroom complementing glamorously the nature smells.

There’s so much peace and silence interrupted just by the birds tweets, occasionally a donkey in the far distance and the sweet sound of the water.

Having just 16 rooms and villas, Can Toni Xumeu feels private, discreet and wonderful. The breakfast is prepared fresh once you are at the table: warm croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh local fruit, Ibizan bread and tomatoes with olive oil.

We went for a junior suite with a large private terrace – all villas and rooms look impeccable. There are few large common spaces around to be used for drinks with friends; large white meditation beds overlooking the woods or simply observing the stars.

The sky at night blew our expectations – our 2nd night we’ve been particularly blessed with a small moon and clear skies, so we got views that rivalled Maldives skies and Oman desert at night. The milky way and few falling stars have been the highlight – oh, what a treat.

The closest beaches are Calla Llonga and the nearest beach bar & restaurante is Amante. We couldn’t help ourselves a sunrise trip, it’s right on the cliffs over a private bay.

We found Can Toni Xumeu also conveniently close to everything in terms of driving distance: 30 minutes to Pacha – still be best place on island for Thursday nights; 30 minutes from Lio – our choice for Friday dinner & clubbing; 30 minutes to Hacienda Na Xamena for drinks; 30 minutes to Ushuaia– the place to be on Saturdays for Ants party; 30 minutes to Blue Marlin, where Sundays are happiest and funkiest.

How about you? Do you like to escape crowds and find little gems or rather stay mainstream and close to the parties? Whilst it’s difficult to tick off all the best places to stay in Ibiza in one single article, we’d love to hear about your finds ! One hedonistic island that has it all! For more party islands, check our fantastic week in Mykonos with kids and grandma, summer 2021 spoilt us in there!

19 comments on “Best places to stay in Ibiza: Can Toni Xumeu

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  2. Phoebe | Lou Messugo
    June 21, 2019

    We love both staying in the centre of things, and getting away from it all; it just depends on the moment. I’ve never stayed in Ibiza though, just visited on a cruise once, so I can imagine getting away from the party scene would be necessary especial with kids. #culturedkids

    • Zen Babytravel
      June 24, 2019

      The kids loved last time Blue Marlin, never too early for a beach bar 😉 But yes you are right Phoebe, this finca would be great with kiddies as well

  3. bavariansojourn
    June 23, 2019

    It looks like the right mix of things I LOVE about travelling! 🙂

  4. the Curious Pixie
    June 23, 2019

    We were thinking of Ibiza for our summer jaunt this year, but then Portugal won. Will bookmark this for the future #culturedkids

    • Zen Babytravel
      June 24, 2019

      Portugal is also wonderful, can understand the dilemma 😉

  5. Cerys @ Travelled So Far
    June 24, 2019

    I’ve always been put of Ibiza because of the image I have of the 1990’s clubbing there. However, you’ve made it seem like a place that you can get away. I think it’s looking more like a place that we could go and explore with the kids #CulturedKids

    • Zen Babytravel
      June 24, 2019

      Ibiza is an island with so many faces Cerys, it truly has it all <3

  6. It’s the pool that sold me – what a beautiful find! #CulturedKids

  7. Diary of a Londoness
    June 27, 2019

    Muchas gracias for the guide. El finca looks rather lovely. #CULTUREDKIDS

    • Zen Babytravel
      July 2, 2019

      Pleasure 😉 Yes one could easily move to this finca for the full summer ! Serious #summergoals

  8. Kids of the Wild
    June 27, 2019

    Oh all those sunny photos have got me most envious after the June downpours of the last couple of weeks. At least it’s sunny today. It’s funny,Ibiza has never been on my list, and still isn’t really though your break sounds thoroughly recuperative and great fun too. The warmth however is very appealing! #CulturedKids

  9. museummum
    June 28, 2019

    I would quite happily stay in any of these! Good to get an experienced opinion on the island, I hope I will find myself in need of it one day soon. #CulturedKids

    • Zen Babytravel
      July 2, 2019

      My pleasure 😉 I hope you get to go and discover Ibiza for yourself soon !

  10. We have yet to go back to Ibiza since having children, we need to rectify this situation ASAP!! It’s a beautiful Island that has something for everyone. We stayed in Cala Llenya. Love all the photos in this post, happy times! #CulturedKids

    • Zen Babytravel
      October 29, 2019

      Thank you and great to hear it brought back some cool memories and that you’re planning to head back with kiddies in tow!

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