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Best of Mykonos with kids (and the grandma!)

With some of finest European beaches, decadent restaurants and best beach clubs Mykonos is so much more than a party island: cosmopolitan, hedonistic and liberating, culturally vibrant and oozing with exquisite food, beautiful people, crystal sea and friendly service. We came back to this magic happy island after 15 years and how spoilt have we been! And if you missed like us the social and party scene in the years of the pandemic, you may be very tempted by Mykonos with kids or without!

Beach clubs and restaurants with kids that we have lovedย 

1. Nammos lunches and joyous beach parties, the best way to travel from Ornos is a boat ride: it’s scenic, not far from the cost of a car transfer and very cool. Alec Monopoly happened to have his launch party so the scene was even more vibrant than usual, fireworks, even more champagne and more DJs by Nammos luxury shopping village. We sent off the kids with their grandma back to the villa in style – boat, DJs and dancing all parties for another crazy afternoon!

Alec Monopoly party at Nammos

Alec Monopoly party at Nammos

2. Kensho โ€“ traditionally Kensho was in Psarou within Nammos but now just in Ornos: signature sushi out of this world: tuna with truffles and golden flakes, salmon terryaki rolls, prawn tempura with a twist. The loveliest sommelier Angelos introduced us to one amazing sparkling Greek champagne method โ€“ Amelia from the Peloponnese.

3. Hippie Fish in Agios Ioannis makes a delightful day at the beach as a family, couple or friends. Book your lounge area if you want to rest tired legs or dining table if you prefer the breezier upstairs. There are detox mocktails as well or if you feel perkier and fresh after a beautiful swim a beautiful menu with mushrooms risottos, salads, ceviche and more sushi for kids who are addicted.

4. Solymar for great late lunches in Kalo Livado with kids or without; do head for a swim after as the sun goes down and the music gets louder! We love the aubergines in here, the calamari, sushi and the fish crudos. Laid-back but classy, this is a typical Mykonian summer spot, less known than institutions like Scorpios, Nammos or Principote (now closed) but good fun, wide, stunning beach and great vibes.

5. Buddha Bar lunching and wining by one of the most beautiful and lush resort of Mykonos : Santa Marina. Impeccable luxury meets chic by the sea by Mykonos only private beach: stacked stonework and whitewashed villas immaculately integrated into Mykonian landscapes.

The cocktails are beautiful, salmon tacos and the truffled yuzu ponzu rolls delighted our tasting buds, and the 7 years old was ecstatic with his usual tempura prawns, edamame and sushi rolls. An early name day celebration for grandma and this little one and what a beautiful outing!

6. Kostantis – our pied a terre and most beautiful Greek tavern by Ornos beach. We had our continental breakfasts here every day delighted by the bluest and most crystal sea; the staff is super kind and accomodating. The kids loved the pancakes and fresh fruits; there’s so much more to choose from – fresh seafood, fish, aubergine, tarama salads, moussakas and so on.

Daily breakfasts at Kostantis, Ornos beach

Daily breakfasts at Kostantis, Ornos beach

7. Paradise beach and Tropicana – we had to stop on this beach with the kiddies sailing to show them where we partied hard 15 years ago ๐Ÿ˜‚ Some of us had gyros and were quite happy about, some porn star martinis in the good old times spirit! Tropicana as far as we understand it’s still one of the best beach clubs Mykonos – young crowds take over 4pm and after!

8. Pasaji at Blanc – perfect for sushi addicts staying by a Ornos beach. We sat by the sushi bar and loved chatting to chef Emmanuel (we are of course biased!); hordes of beautiful people and good music with the impeccable Aegean beach restaurant setting.

9. Pepper in the Old town

10. Aperanto Galazioย โ€“ one of the most vibrant seaside cuisines, in August 2023 the beach parties were going strong in here even 3am well after Scorpios closed! We start our summer season in here and end up on most late nights at a drink on their terrace: itโ€™s filled with locals, joy and summer vibes.

Best sans kids (we reckon, but you will see mixed evidence!)ย 

I. Scorpios : dinner and more beach partying. Where do we start with this Mykonian institution? Self proclaimed a gathering place, you’ll find in here great food, great parties, crafts and community. Organic and locally sourced ingredients, great vibes and music-lounge on the beach, peruse at the bazar or dance the night away.

Very handily for 2021, Scorpios had a beach Covid testing station which provided results in 30 minutes and got you ready for the flights back to UK. Even testing felt do differently in here – by the beach, beautiful people and great music in the background! Book your slots to minimise stress, we’ve done it 3 days in advance and all was smooth. Also this is one of the beach clubs Mykonos, book your tables and beds weeks in advance!

II. Spilia: meaning cove in Greek, expect terracing and partying beach level and a more romantic setting upstairs. We loved the aubergine in here, the ceviche, calamari grilled and pasta with seafood – stunning setting and great local cuisine.

We’d also add daytime Spilia is great with kids and friends, book your beds and enjoy cocktails and snacks by the sea.

III. Noema, another institution, this time by Mykonos Chora: expect Johnny T fab DJ-ing (also resident at Scorpios), best smoked tarama salad in town, exquisite aubergine, huge fresh prawns and fish – a must, do remember to book well in advance. Timeless and organic they said, we reckon absolutely fabulous.

IV. Allemagou : from zen to fire they say, a festival of energies by the Aegean; we love late lunches/ early dinners in here: the mussels are best on the island, the music is great, the crowds are fun.

V. Zuma for some of the best sunsets in Mykonos and exquisite food this London institution treated us over the years. It makes a beautiful birthday celebration, romantic dinner or that very special evening out. Mykonos old city is walking distance from here so you can pair it with more late evening drinks and dancing at Interni, Queens or Guzel.

VI. Social at Santa Marina. Jason is one of my favourite:s London chefs at Pollen Street, Social, Berners Tavern and his terrace at Santa Marina must have the most beautiful setting. Amalfi coast’s La Sireneuse touches Mykonian landscapes and the terrace is the perfect place to chill in the day nursing tired feet from the previous night or soaking in the views. The dinners under stars are also out of this world – fully smitten.

VII. Nikolas Taverna by Paraga beach for authentic Greek food : fresh fish, yum salads and garlic prawns to die for. We had a super chilled evening with friends in here with 2 bottles of Greek white wine by the beach and 2 more at dinner – detox cocktails mostly the day after!

Social Mykonos, one scenic place to chill

Social Mykonos, one scenic place to chill

What else we love in Mykonos apart from the great beach life, food and parties?

Little Venice is spectacular for sunsets or late afternoons, buildings overhanging the sea. Grab an icecream or a beer and join the crowds soaking in the skies on fire and clapping – the simple joys of this life are sometimes the best.

Chora (Mykonos old Town), its pedestrian pictoresque whitewashed cobbled streets filled with art, boutique shops and more scenic restaurants bougainvillea flowers and white walls. Favourite dining and partying spots in here is Interni, just make sure you book way in advance; Pepper you can be more spontaneous and Guzel just enjoy late drinking and talking with friends.

Mykonos signature windmills and gusty winds that keep the island chilled and happy. Middle of a summer witnessing 45 degrees in Canada, Turkey and certain parts of southern Europe no doubt climate changing and global warming ; August in Mykonos felt hot but not unbearable, 30-32 degrees at its peakest day time. No devastating fires in here as the rest of Greece has sadly wintnessed this year – the island vegetation is desert like and resilient.

Sailing in Mykonos is a must: between beaches or simply getting to enjoy the island properly. From the affordable boat bus from Ornos, one can pick an island hopping pass to Psarou, Paradise or Super Paradise. One canย  also find affordable day catamarans or boats for family trips as well as bespoke rides – with 31 taxis on the island and expensive transfers per kilometre, one may reach the same conclusion that certain beaches are better by private boat. In 2023 we had a blast renting a boat from Ornos and exploring at our pace, more about that in a dedicated post shortly! Sunset time by little Venice looked choppy though, we understand one is better off sticking to southern beaches!

We stayed in Ornos at Villa del Sol as well as Kostantis villas, 50m away from this glorious wide beach with amazing swimming. The villas are perfect for families: Cycladic architecture with chic twists, a pool perfect for young energetic kids as well as adults. Kostantis is one of the best authentic Greek restaurants on the island (certain suggested in Greece!) and breakfasts in here and at Aperanto Galazio every day were pure delight. The Yoghurt and fresh fruit beautiful; the pastries warm and fresh, the service super graceful and friendly. Ornos beach is busy and postcard beautiful, be ready to pay Euro50 for 2 sunchairs – with our monkeys though little point as they swim most day, eat or play.

From Ornos Buddha Bar and Social are walking distance (10min uphill though) , Pasaji andย  Kostantis right on Ornos beach. Hippie Fish is a 5min taxi ride away (Euro10 fare), the old town 10min away by car (Euro15min fare) and Nammos beach perfect for a 10min boat ride (just book it in advance).

Santa Marina Mykonos

Santa Marina Mykonos, Ornos beach

1 week in Mykonos has been the highlight of our summers 2021, 2022 and 2023 and we are grateful to this island for the fun, warmth and the love! We will be back!

For more Mykonian gems, check our freshly published article on Ornos restaurants, boats, parties! For best of Greeks island hopping, check out Paros and Antiparos, Santorini and Elounda beach in Crete !

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  2. Lydia C. Lee
    September 4, 2021

    Wow. So jealous of these pictures. Hoping to get there maybe next year….

    • Zen Babytravel
      September 6, 2021

      Keeping all the fingers crossed Lydia! With vaccination so well progressed, there is hope for travelling like we used to!

  3. Jan (@chimptrips)
    September 7, 2021

    It sounds like you had an amazing time, with some very tasty food and fantastic beaches. #CulturedKids

    • Zen Babytravel
      October 10, 2021

      Absolutely Jan, one of the best weeks of 2021 for sure! Fingers crossed we get to repeat it next year ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. holidaysfromhels
    September 17, 2021

    Crystal waters, boat rides and cocktails. – heaven on earth! We attempted Greece this year but failed (Covid got in the way – again). It is on our list of places to revisit as soon as we are able. I don’t think there is anywhere in the world more beautiful. Looks like you had a marvellous time! #Culturedkids

    • Zen Babytravel
      October 10, 2021

      So sorry to hear, we all know how pandemic complicated everything! We couldn’t agree more, Greece has indeed some of the most beautiful islands and Mykonos is truly one of them, fingers crossed you get to go back soon!

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  7. Keri | Ladies What Travel
    October 2, 2021

    I’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting Greece but you make Mykonos sound heavenly! I’ll definitely have to pull my finger out and make a visit! #CulturedKids

    • Zen Babytravel
      October 10, 2021

      Heavenly indeed! Hope you get to go soon! Sending #Culturedkids love

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