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Legoland day trip and favourite Windsor rides

A LEGOLAND day trip has been mentioned in our house for a while and when we finally got round, it has been raved about by all parties. Over 55 interactive rides, live shows and play areas all set over 150 acres of beautiful parkland. Impossible to exhaust in one day and leaving the kiddies longing for so much more ! So here are our favourite Legoland Windsor rides, tips and tricks including Legoland Windsor app.

Legoland Windsor day trip

Legoland Windsor day trip

First timers at Legoland and they said for older kids but our cheeky 5 years old loved to bits these 5 Legoland Windsor rides :

1. The Dragon’s fast roller coaster through the castle, 

2. Helicopter School and learning to pilot a helicopter,

3. Destiny’s Bounty swinging on a boat,

4. Scarab bouncers, up and down a midle Eastern mysterious setting,

5. Ninjago journey, 3D glasses on, full immersion and action, battling through ice, water, wind and fire.

Jointly raved Legoland Windsor rides 3 & 5 years old:

1. Spinning Spider mad and fast teacups ride,

2. Haunted House Monster Party scary banquet hall,

3. The knights quest, taking you flying through the air, victory was ours at the end!

4. The thunder blazer, flying through the air and spinning, magical journey,

5. The Castaway Camp playground, the slides and the towers are amazing and the high rope walks and nets were such fun challenges.

The 3 years old preferred Legoland Windsor rides :

1. The splash safari was the biggest hit, with the menagerie of duplo themed animal friends,

2. The Viking river splash, sailing through rapids in the Viking’s world,

3. Miniland amazing working model world to wander through, the kiddies fascinated by all the interactive play especially trains and race cars,

4. The playground by Splash safari.

And LEGOLAND day trip is totally feasible from London, Kensington driving time on Sunday about 45 minutes each way. Foodwise Legoland also ticked all kids boxes : hot dogs, bubble gum and marshmallow icecream, tiny donuts with chocolate, whilst the parents settled for beer and burgers in the sun.

Legoland Windsor app is your best day friend for picking the rides with the smallest waiting time and making the most of the day out. For a July week-end we found the queues a bit long towards midday but then found 5-6pm the perfect timeslot to squeeze in all fun rides that had very long queue times before: Ninjago, the Haunted House Monster Party, the Jolly Rocker – all less than 5 minutes wait, how lucky was that ! There’s also so much more though than soaring through the skies, playing and sailing the seas and rapids ! Live shows, building workshops, driving schools, movies, arcade games and sensory experiences, completely impossible to exhaust in one Legoland day out, we reckon more feasible though 2-3 days.

We reckon Legoland makes a perfect minibreak combining history and culture next door with Windsor Castle! And as a base there’s of course the Legoland resort !

Ps: many thanks to Legoland for the invite; impressions, pics and overexcited kids entirely ours.

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7 comments on “Legoland day trip and favourite Windsor rides

  1. Bright Lights of America
    July 12, 2019

    Sounds like everyone had a great day and there were rides to make each age group pretty happy! I like the sound of marshmallow ice cream myself! #FarawayFiles

    • Zen Babytravel
      July 12, 2019

      Oh yes that icecream was divine, I made sure the 3 years old got distracted on some slides so I could finish it myself 😉

  2. oregongirlaroundtheworld
    July 17, 2019

    We took our boys to Legoland California at about the exact same age! It’s a brilliant day out. Thanks for sharing your faves in UK with #FarawayFiles. Cheers from the land of Lego!

  3. ZenBabyTravel
    July 17, 2019

    Hehe the 5 years old loves the land of lego and the sound of Legoland California gets him so excited 🙂 Hopefully will get to go nack with both kiddies soon!

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