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Zoonation Some like it Hip Hop 2019 review : brill !

Zoonation revival of Some like it Hip Hop 2019 brings on stage the story of struggle for freedom and lost love in a high energy dancing language and outstanding vocal performance. The show is based on Some Like it Hot and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night; the guidance is 7+ years old but our 6 years old followed perfectly and adored it. Our Some like it Hip Hop 2019 review in a nutshell: brilliant, topical and engaging!

The storytelling may look like fairytale style as the narator reads from his huge tome; but the opening tone and circumstances are bleak. In his mourning, a widowed Governor decides to hide the sun, burn books, banish the love and any fun. It is clear from the opening that characters have no option other than to dance to the beat dictated by him and his direct reports  are strictly enforcing the discipline.

Having grew up in communist Romania, it brings me instantly to the dark days of our upbringing – cultureless, brainwashed, living in fear and with pointless labour and processes. My heart sinks but what’s going on stage is the easiest I can explain to my 6 years old about growing up in Eastern Europe communism and what was so fundamentally wrong with it. Luckily the show’s choreography is super exciting, energetic and fun and I find comfort in the masterful execution amd powerful music whilst the kids in the audience are wowed by backflips, somersaults, head spins, flying around the stage and twisted poses.

Additional to books banning, the women are second  class citizen – a theme which remains topical unfortunately into far too many societies even nowadays. There are ironic and hillarious passages about seduction and safe topics to be used with a lady (weather and nothing too complex! Ha!); to ideal gifts (vacuum cleaner! Haha!) and to seduction rituals (hands on hips etc!!!). But also painful to watch passages where 2 main feminine characters – JoJo and Kerri are exiled into a bleak, cold, drug fuelled no man’s land zone outside the walls of the city.

Creatively, the 2 ladies find ways to sneak back in as men, pass comprehensive tests and do just fine surrounded by the high performing male ‘elite’. The complications appear nevertheless once mistaken identities mix with love and books again! But luckily this time with Simeon on board and a further new book lover, they manage to create a Revolution. Love conquers all in the end and the long lost heart of the Governor eventually comes back to life!

Zoonation’s Kate Prince identify themselves as groundbreaking storytellers creating original music and dance to inspire the next generation of theatregoers and theatre makers. This is also a female founded and led organisation which strongly supports diversity since 2002. And Some like it Hip Hop 2019 is one of the finest topical and inspirational shows – relevant, relatable, engaging and so moving!

The music is far wider than hip hop, there’s Prince and folk and rock in outstanding vocals. Artistic excellence at its best in a family friendly and fun format but ultimately challenging clichés and perceptions and pushing boundaries!

Some like it Hip Hop, some like it not, some like it jazz and some like it Rock ! Heartily recommending it, catch your tickets at the Peacock Theatre before it ends on November 9th!

PS: Many thanks for the press invite! Such a joy to come back again to Peacock Theatre and feature Some like it hip hop 2019 review! For more Sadler’s Wells performances check our review of iconic Snowman, the shows are starting soon and are festive and topical!

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  1. pigeonpairandme
    November 12, 2019

    Wow – it sounds as though this sparked some really thought-provoking discussions. As all the best shows do.

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