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Children’s Christmas shows London : The Snowman Peacock Theatre

We usually start December festive season with The Snowman Peacock Theatre: a fantastic mix of spectacle, storytelling, flying above wintery landscapes, dance and live music performed by a great orchestra. One of the most fabulous children’s Christmas shows London, announcing the most magical season of all!


And Flying in the Air is all I have in my head usually for weeks after! And very interestingly my 6 years old asks repeatedly for it on Spotify!

Waking up to fresh snow it’s every child dream in December. And our little hero has a blast. His mum and father are cutely retro in outfits, manners, Tv set, furniture and house set up. He rushes outside in the snow – joyous hordes of youngsters are in the streets, playing, walking, chatting. He is building his buddy – a magic snowman who will take us all on a fairy tale on the brink of dreaming.

As soon as parents are asleep, the Snowman gets invited to the house where they will play together mischievously with exotic fruits and parents outfits. But a warm December house is not the place to be for any snowman, so slowly but surely our white magic hero starts displaying signs of melting and distress. The boy puts him in a refrigerator and a magic trip starts: flying over the mountains and glaciers, right at the North Pole. There’s dancing, the usual winter magic suspects including the Ice Princess, Jack Frost, reindeers, penguins and even Father Christmas. There’s more dancing and laughing, playing and handing presents. Our boys gets a beautiful scarf right from Santa and flies back to his house.

Next day waking up in his bed, he rushes downstairs and outside to his magic friend – but warm weather reduced him to his charcoal eyes and a hand. Tears in his eyes, the boy question if all that was last night magic was a dream, but then he finds the scarf present from Santa, a darling re-assurance sign of his magic buddy and their unbelievably enchanted journey.

The kids and I concluded the show tears in our eyes as well and beyond enchanted and emotional. The Snowman at the Peacock theatre is a beautiful metaphor and reminder of the fragility and evanescence of this life, where darling ones can disappear overnight and beautiful journeys leave little signs apart from our memories! One needs to make sure they cherish them in the moment and get their own signs and markers on the way.

White Christmas & THE Snowman

The Snowman returns to the Peacock Theatre for its 20th consecutive year in its full glory and for us it’s been a magic first timers. Having grown up in communist Romania, there was little celebration on stage, theatres or community, I am joyously catching up on those lost times ! And sharing the Snowman at the Peacock theatre for the first time with my kids has been truly magic and unforgettable, tears in our eyes and melted hearts. 

Grab your tickets now, the Snowman at the Peacock Theatre runs between November 21st – January 5th 2020! For a full day out including exquisite sweet treats, head next dor to One Adwych for a very special themed afternoon tea, we raved about it extensively in here. Covent Garden is all festive and buzzing, soak in all that meriness London has this time of the year, including some topical snow!

For more Christmas magic in London with kids, check our dedicated article in here or the latest December #CulturedKids round up. For more Peacock fabulous plays, check Zoonation Some Like It Hip Hop – just wow!

PS: Many thanks to Peacock Theatre for the invite! Ecstatic impressions and kids, entirely ours.

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