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Weekend getaway Bucharest with toddler

Weekends getaways have been the staple breaks for many years, as most of childless people appreciate & enjoy on regular basis. Refreshing and typically condensed, I used them over the years to explore and catch up with friends. Once babies and toddlers are around though, any parents could think of multiple reasons to avoid flights and getaways for 48 hours or even less.

Special occasions oblige however, and when good friends get married and baptise their little one, we took our chances and booked last minute flights for Bucharest.  Flights 7pm Heathrow,  landing midnight Bucharest, back on Sunday evening 8pm Heathrow again.



Toddler – midnight – airport – further transfers – new surroundings sound in theory a bit of killer combo, so it’s been much appreciated that Ralphie took so much interest in Peppa (ipad app – Video D/L), the magic carpets in the airport, the lounges, the plane and the bus. Particularly lucky also, he felt asleep in my arms in our friends car, once he must have decided our grown-up conversations were rather sleep inviting background material. We did embrace the opportunity and changed him quietly once at the hotel (Barrio) and parked him safely on the extensible sofa surrounded by pillows and cushions. Needless to say but our 22 months toddler is no longer happy in a baby bed – especially since he’s been in his proper bed at home for some time.

Falling asleep occasionally so late has advantages, in this case directly translated in breakfast 10am local time. An hour breakfast over chill out tunes, indulging in local goodies at Barrio and more Peppa satisfied the whole family.


Sun was out in Bucharest, a modest but nice 30 degrees,  so headed to the park and met the grandparents.  Which were ecstatic to see a little energy bomb on various slides swings and whatever he could get his hands & legs on. Lunch thereafter,  typical Bucharest terrace.

Long nap to refresh both boys and ready for the Church. Orthodox customs less appreciated these days, especially that St Mary Abbots spoiled us with great vicars, so open minded and a Kensington Church which feels like home.


So we spent some time outside, playing around muddy paddles and with various passerby’s.



After which parents discovered a soft playground area in a place where they spent far too many nights in a funny state – too good to miss. Caught the groom & bride just about and thereafter indulged in more fun & games at the ceremony.


Amazing babysitter recommended by friends has done lots of running around & bubbles whilst parents enjoyed their own bubbles and festivities. Kind sitter took the little one upstairs at some point, cuddles and more Peppa – you’ve guessed.  2am mum released sitter & went to bed, 3:30am father eventually followed. Less of a lucky morning, with no blinds & ipad spotted, Ralphie decided on a 8am wake up, surely to punish some hangovered parents. Breakfast, grandparents,  park again you guessed,  followed by nap.

Car, airport, more running around after various buttons & doing funny things, late lunch with Romanian mici & fries,  fresh juice and airport set present. Ensuring a relatively peaceful flight and safe return home.


So refreshing, intense and condensed still doing it for us, slight layer of complexity added on the customary getaway weekend but very happy we took our chances and have been there for our friends.

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