Conveyor belt sushi London to fine dining with kids : ultimate sushi guide

From conveyor belt sushi London to fine dining with kids, here’s a guide with our favourite sushi bars and restaurants, bottomless prosecco brunches, easy dinners and Michelin star inventive cuisine. It can’t be a coincidence that my cravings in the first pregnancy were mostly sushi. Ever since a toddler, R was so fond of sushi that even featured on BBC Fussy Eaters beating a grown up at rolls and miso soups!

Conveyor belt sushi London to fine dining with kids: our ultimate sushi guide

Conveyor belt sushi London to fine dining with kids: our ultimate sushi guide

1.Sticks N Sushi. Our favourite easy gourmet option, Danish Japanese chain with stylished Scandinavian vibes and carefully sourced ingredients.

We go regularly to the one in Covent Garden and Victoria with the kids, and closer to the office with friends and business partners in the Wharf. There’s also one on Kings road opening on October 1st, will test and report back shortly! I personally love the tuna tartar, the ebi bites (shrimps tempura), hotate kataifi (hairy scallops with alioli), the salmon menu and the inventive rolls. The kids adore the salmon sushi boxes,  colouring kits, chocolate fish and even small branded umbrellas for aficionados like us ! Sticks and sushi with kids is ultimately our most regular winner!

2.Yo sushi, our son’s favourite conveyor belt sushi London. The High Street Kensington one gets to see us regularly and occasionally the one in Harvey Nics.

3.Roka for best brunches, including bottomless proseco. My favourite Roka with kids is the one in Aldwich, but then Roka Charlotte street and its cool Shochu Lounge used to be our regular hangout place before kids, whilst Roka Canary Wharf is my regular business lunch treat.

The brunch is a exceptional treat, from bubbles flowing to a procession of 10 amazing dishes with sashimis, edamame beans, rolls, dumplings, salmon teriyaki, tempura and and a gorgeous dessert platter.

4. Chotto Matte, Soho. One of my favourite evening sushi places that probaby doesnt spring to mind as kids friendly , but I promise it caters to perfection for the young clientele, from highchairs, to friendly personnel. My 4 years old fell in love with their downstairs restrooms, dragons on the walls and food. One of the very best of Nikkei (Japanese – Peruvian) cuisine, with bold eye-catching colours and mouth-watering dishes.

We spent 2 delightful hours in here, my son indulging on edamame beans, calamari, salmon sashimi and me on ceviche and salads.

5.Sake no Hana, Mayfair. An old favourite of ours in our old Mayfair hood, Sake no Hana is as fabulous as always. We dropped by for an easy lunch by the bar on a rainy Saturday – the place was buzzing. The food is as yum and fresh as we recalled it – amazing style and substance from Michelin-starred chef Hideki Hiwatashi; the personnel welcoming and cute with our kids. The boys loved the escalators and interiors designed by Kengo Kuma as well as seeing the sushi prepared just in front of them – will take them soon to sushi classes!

Theres a generous Umai sushi on Saturdays at £49 per head where there are 7 courses, a cocktail and half of bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne. We didn’t take the offer on this occasion, we need to go back with friends and without the toddler in tow to properly enjoy it.

Oka, Kingly Court, Soho

Oka, Kingly Court, Soho

6.Oka, Kingly Court – this is another vibrant place we loved in our child free past. OKA is on the 2nd floor, it’s quick, fresh and good value for money. For kids it’s also fun to observe the crowd on an early Saturday night from 2nd level and eventually run around (much more feasible on this floor than the ground one!).

7.Akira @ Japan House, Kensington – not sure if the food or restrooms mesmerised us more in here!


The lunch boxes were just amazing, impeccable aesthetics aside, the flavours are divine.

We are delighted to have Japan House in our hood, presenting the very best of Japanese art, design, gastronomy, innovation, and technology. The restrooms (you must have guessed!) come as one might expect straight with Japan high tech, so the 5 years old and I amused ourselves together testing different functions! Too cool, too hilarious and probably too much detail for this post!

Lunch box, Japan House

Lunch box, Japan House

8.Sushi Samba  – Covent Garden opened late 2018 and it’s the perfect stop after a West end show (in our case the Peacock Theatre right after the Snowman) or family celebration lunch (January 1st 2019 !) . The location is brilliant, just above Covent Market,  the decor is exhuberantly tropical and the food and cocktails superb.

The 5 years old and I indulged on repeated occasions in tempura green beans with black truffle aioli, I love the sharp freshness of the tuna ceviche with pomegrantes, maiz and wasabi peas and the seabass sashimi on the himalayan salt block is just divine.

9.Maze Grill   – Gordon Ramsay needs little introduction. Maze Grill Park Walk also needs liitle introduction with our Chelsea friends – rare breed steaks and impeccable sushi in a casual chic setting with exposed bricks and filled with contemporary cool art.

We were invited recently for a bottomless brunch – exquisite options sushi and sahimi, versions of avocado done at perfection and a great prosecco (Fiol) flowing. We will be back with more friends in tow soon !

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  1. These “lunch boxes” are almost too beautiful to eat (I’m guessing not)… Amazing that your kids eat that… I make mine try everything, but they are not too adventurous eating. #citytripping

  2. I love that lunch box!! So cute! #CityTripping

  3. I never associate children with sushi, but your post showed me that there are plenty of options for both. It’s great to see your children are having a great time at sushi restaurants and I also love how the sushi is perfectly displayed. It’s appetizing for both the eye and the stomach! #citytripping

  4. I was in London last week! Such a shame I didn’t have this post at the time. I am going to keep this one for later.

  5. This is a fun and helpful post! I am not an experienced sushi eater but being in London the past three years, I have often wondered about some of the chain restaurants we’ve passed. My 10 yr old has an interest in sushi and Japanese culture, so you have given me some great direction on where to begin. Thank you! #CulturedKids

    • Great to hear Beth, in that case the newly open Japan House in Kensington is the place to start! Downstairs there are beautiful collections of Japanese tools & products and upstairs state of art restrooms and a treat for you all in inventive contemporary cuisine! Keep me posted on your impressions including your 10 years old! Booking perhaps advisable at Akira so it doesn’t go Florence & David’s way…x

  6. I’m reading this while eating scrambled eggs on toast, really wish I was eating sushi! Thanks for this great selection of eateries, I will definitely give a few of these a try. #culturedkids

  7. I love the rest rooms at Japan House too, yet to eat there but now you’ve made me add it to the list

  8. So lovely to see your little one tucking into Sushi, it’s sad that so many kids won’t or don’t get to try food like this. I’m keeping a note of some of these to try out next time im in London! #citytripping

  9. Been meaning to go to Sushi and Sticks for a while. I don’t know if my youngest is ready to tuck into sushi, but for budding sushi-fans, this is a great list. #CULTUREDKIDS

  10. My kids LOVE sushi so this post is great for us! If you ever make to Tooting, go to Hi Ki in the market!

  11. Fantastic post – those lunch boxes at the Japan House look so good! I’ll definitely have to visit. #citytripping

  12. I’m very impressed your kids eat sushi. I don’t even like it and I’m not usually a picky eater. So, naturally, my kids have never tried it. Not that they would eat it. Despite my best efforts, they are both pretty picky. #CulturedKids

  13. My boys love sushi and this is a great guide to where’s best in London. Will be using this on our next trip to the capital #CulturedKids

  14. My daughter is a huge sushi fan too so this post is very handy with a few we have yet to try out! Although not strictly a straight sushi place, the hare and tortoise does a great sushi platter – and is very child friendly. Thanks for hosting #culturedkids

  15. Please help me – I am taking my teenage son to London next week in the half term, he is a massive foodie and wants to go to a nice sushi restaurant but for some reason he is desperate for a conveyor belt sushi bar for some reason. Which would you say is the best????

    • Dear Nina, if he is a massive foodie I’d say Sushi Samba (in Covent Garden), Roka (Aldwych or Charlotte street) or Japan House (High Street Kensington) – they all have amazing sushi bars (but not conveyor belt) depending on the neighbourhood you’re closer / you fancy exploring. And keep me posted on your impressions!

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